Saturday, March 14, 2015

Planning ahead, and addressing medical issues/needs


Our medical needs have been in focus lately, as we address routine check ups, consult MD's for medical issues. I am included in this. With the meeting of our high deductible, I have been making appointments with various specialists, taking care of some minor medical as well as some cosmetic issues (which I pay OOP for).

I recently returned to my hand orthopedist, as I have had increasing pain and difficulty with my left hand, which is splinted. When I first raised this concern, the explanation was that I was compensating while my right hand healed from the last surgery, which made sense. It has been worsening, however, not improving. Time for X rays. Turns out that I am right, my left thumb now is requiring surgery. As a stop gap, to help with pain management, I will return in a few weeks, while I am on Easter break, and get a cortizone shot. I know from past experience that initially, this will create a new, painful scenario, for approx 3 days, which is why I am holding off until I am off work. Once the meds kick in, I should feel much better. The plan at this point is to first have my biscep surgery end June/beginning of July, followed by the hand surgery 3 weeks later. Planning around my time off as well as the MD's Summer vacation, in additon to my return to work date, we should be able to get it done, no worries. Toss in some additonal tests, MD visits, more routine check ups-it's all scheduled.

Next step: contact the LL and see if she'll consider renting out for another year. She promised one year and was unsure moving forward. Plan A is to stay here another year, then once the kids are out of HS, move out of this expensive town, hopefully buying a home. If we have to relocate, I need to know sooner vs later. Rentals, esp. "affordable ones" and ones who will allow pets are hard to come by here.

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