Monday, March 9, 2015

March grocery budget update


As previously mentioned, my grocery budget is severely limited this month, and we've been running out of some items, including some staples. I started March with a slight overage from February that I carried over. Unexpectedly, we were in the city for a last minute medical appointment. Needing some "must haves" and having listened to an iffy forecast for this upcoming weekend, I decided to get my shopping down today.

Here's what I bought:

Aldi's: 3 gallons milk, 2 doz eggs (noted price increase), 2 fzn OJ, 1 small tub organic baby lettuce greens, 5 lbs red potatoes, 4 64 oz bottles of juice, 2 tubs ice cream, 2 qts of 1/2 & 1/2, 8 lbs sugar, 2 containers of fresh mushrooms, 4 pkgs of presliced cheese for sandwiches (Swiss, Provolone, Colby Jack, Munster), deli meats (prepackaged): honey ham, turkey breast, salami; 2 bags pizza bites, pint whipping cream 3 lbs granny Smith apples, bananas, 4 lbs carrots, celery, 2 bags of sunflower seeds, 4 boxes cold cereal, 2 loaves Rye bread, 1 bag baked potato chips. $86.33

Dollar Tree: 4 200 ct boxes tissues, 8 10 oz pkgs of multi colored Rosemary fingerling potatoes (had these before-delicious!), 2 boxes Goya chicken bouillon, 2 bags Malto meal 'apple jacks." 1 cheese puffs, 4 pkgs Goya cookies, 4 men's bodywash 16 oz, 2 24 oz conditioner, 2 64 oz laundry detergent, 1 50 oz dish washing liquid, 2 cans Del Monte sloppy joe sauce, 6 pkgs "fun size" chocolate bars, 2 boxes skittles, 2 bars dark chocolate from Poland (had these before-excellent!) that I may use as is, if not chip up for cookies. $43.46.

Today's expenditure: $129.79

March grocery monies (unless the reimbursements owed me come in): $130.33. Some MUST be earmarked for AP and bread flours, 1 can sliced pineapple (Aldi's was out), yogurt (plan on stopping at Price Rite tomorrow when I return to the city). Beyond milk and cream next week, I am hoping that I can pretty much skip shopping until the weekend of the 21st.


CT Bargain Mom said...

I know they owe you dollars, but what about having them stop at Aldi and pick up some of these items you need as part of the reimbursements. Everytime I see they still owe you $ I can't help wonder if they really 'get it'.

You mentioned they are in retail type jobs, what about taking classes? Or another part time job? Grocery stores stock at night - could help to dig them out if their hole at "Bank of Mom" I remember when my parents gave me a loan in college I didn't buy a coffee or donut without feeling debt-guilt.

Mary Lou said...

What about setting up a budget program for them to get this debt paid off? Add $5-10 a week to their regular payment. My dd works a regular full time job and then works retail at night to earn extra money. She was married in December and took the retail job to pay for extras for the wedding, but she liked the fact that she had more income and kept the retail job also. I know 2 jobs isn't for everyone, but it could be a temporary fix and it might make life easier for everyone involved. Just a thought.

Theresa F said...

They still are not getting it eh? Hopefully they get their act together soon. You are amazingly firm in your resolve. Stay strong :).