Saturday, March 7, 2015

Making do

is the theme for the next week, if not longer. Up early as DS had to report to work for 6 a.m., and he's noisy in the morning, I made breakfast for those willing to get up: corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, OJ, cocoa, coffee and toast/English muffins/banana bread if desired. Sorry, no photos. Lunch was the rest of the hash for 6 a.m. boy who wasn't here when it was served. I had a tuna salad sandwich with organic,baby salad greens on toasted Rye bread. Dinner is a waste not want not affair:

A batch of potage St Germain  (French Canadian split pea soup) using yellow split peas (gifted to me?) instead of the usual green, the meaty ham bone for this past Sunday's dinner.

 I let the soup simmer all day, removing the bones late this afternoon, then chopping the ham meat, adding that to the awaiting CP, composting the bones.
Now, it's simmering with the lid off a bit so as to thicken it some more, before supper. Choice of saltines, sesame seeded flat crisp crackers (kind of like a water cracker) or whole wheat crackers. It's slim pickings in the cracker dept. here.

My supper bowl. I opted out of crackers.

I also got some baking in:

 Here's a 2 lb loaf from my remaining ABM, but proofed and baked off in a regular oven.
 Here's a batch of 2 smaller loaves, using the Kitchenaid mixer and their recipe. I am debating acquiring a second ABM. Other bloggers (Nancy of Ohio in particular) use just the KA in lieu of an ABM with reported excellent results.
 2 batches of "Jello" were made as individual desserts for grab and go, which the kids seem to like.

 A few brusied and rejected from the fruit bowl apples were quickly prepared as an apple crisp
covered with a piece of reused, tin foil that has a hole in it. Perfect for my purposes-to protect the top from overbrowning while baking off in the table top, convection oven (an energy saver).

Fresh out of the oven. Smells wonderful!

A double batch of peanut butter-toffee bar cookies that I baked off as bars (a technique that is both easier on my hands as well as the electric bill).
 More and more recycling is being created, more and more items are disappearing from the pantry and the lone pantry cabinet in the kitchen (although I do also have a coffee and tea cabinet). One week since I did trash/recycling and we already have multiple bags of recylcing in the garage, but only one bag of actual trash.
 I've gathered/collected enough soap slivers to make another one of my soap cakes,
 using a mini Tupperware cup as my mold
 Once cooled, one side is the rough side, which will smooth out over time (doesn't take long)
while the other side is nice and smooth. Easily enough soap for my shower for a week.


Belinda said...

I like your soap cake. :)

You were busy today!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I didn't even mention the laundry, or the light cleaning! Yes, Saturdays are busy here

CT Bargain Mom said...

Yummy looking soup! I love split pea with ham (yellow or green). I'm the only one here that does -sigh.
I'm with you on the Kitchen Aid bread. I love my ABM but when it goes it isn't getting replaced. It takes up too much counter space for me to justify it staying g out all the time. The crockpot is another story it gets used 1-2 times a week and has earned it's spot on the counter next to the kitchen aid mixer.

CTMOM said...

CTbargain, I first used an ABM as a means to make my own bread, not have to pay grocery store prices. My first and a few subsequent ABM's was/were free to me. THe others that have entered my home, have been thrift store finds. They DO take up some serious space. Luckily, I have good storage, just off the kitchen (a double hall closet where one side is for coats (shelf for hats,gloves) and the canister vacuum, the other side is shelves for all of my crockpots, the bread machine (down to 1 now), the large coffee urn, blender, large roaster pans, all of the wax paper/plastic wrap/baggies etc. Since I no longer bake off the breads in the ABM, I am only using it for dough. I tried for the second time, to make dough using a KA. It's better than my first attempt. Will need to perfect it. Meannwhile, my one ABM is still in service.

CTMOM said...

CTBargain, I should also add that I am actively looking for ways to declutter, reduce my "stuff." I find that the older I get, as life circumstances change, I want and need less in life. I have 4 months left to this lease, and while I hope that the LL will rent again (she was unsure when we started), I also plan for the possibility of yet another move, come Summer. More stuff out NOW= less stuff to deal with later.