Sunday, March 8, 2015

Making do, and creating more recycling

 I often spend much of the weekends, preparing for the upcoming work/school week, and that means cooking, planning ahead. Often when I bake treats, for health (as well as economy), I reduce the amount of sugar in recipes. All 3 of my large, 5 gallon storage buckets (AP flour, bread flour, sugar) stored in the cellar pantry area are empty. Pictured is what I have left for flour, roughly equal amounts of AP as well as self rising (gifted to me) flour. Additionally, I have whole wheat and Rye flour, as well as corn meal.
 My sugar canister in the kitchen is also empty.

All I have left of sugar is what is in the sugar bowl on the table. I am hoping to get thru the week with just this. If desperate, I will be in the city several times this upcoming week, and can stop and grab a 4 lb bag, as needed. I had hoped to get some when I last frequented Xpect (along with bread and AP floour, but the shelves were empty)
 With little sugar in the house, beverage choices change. No generic "Koolaid" as it requires sugar (although I never use the full cup indicated on the packet)will be available, instead, I just brewed up a batch of decaf tea (one kidlet has to watch caffeine). Water is always an option and several of us do regularly choose just that.
Once again, the recycling is FULL. I plan on a return to the transfer station this upcoming Sat (looks like I'll have to work around some iffy weather and will push that off a week, if needed). The significant increase in recycling is a very visible sign that more and more items are being used up.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Did you try price rite for baking needs? I find thier prices in that aisle very competitive.

CTMOM said...

CTBargain, yes, Price Rite is an option, and I will drive by 3 times this week