Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just 59 days


I only have 59 actual work days left this school year, so I'm calling that 2 months worth of worrying about work outfits for Spring. My first reaction is NOT to head out to the store, to scour magazines, searching the latest trends. Instead, I turn to what I already have, which I do try to keep seasonless. I am working off of memory as I create my Spring/Summer wardrobe. No, I am not one of those who donate all of my clothes at the end of each season. I often see what appears to be entire,  brand new or like new wardrobes (often designer) in the thrift shops. Sadly, they are usually not in my size.

3 pairs of dress gabardines that I have worn weekly since the Fall
1 pair of skinny leg, woven cotton stretch pants
1 pair of black with tiny white fleck print (leaves?) cotton stretch capris

Needs: none
Wants: 2-4 more pairs of the same brand capris

I still have several dresses and skirts that I simply am not wearing, mostly because I have significant difficulty putting on stockings, and no, I do not like the bare legged look (showing my age!) except in extreeme temperatures. I suspect that these are going to be sold/donated

long sleeved baby pink cardigan
3/4 sleeved white open sweater
3/4 sleeved baby pink cardigan (may be last year for this one)
3/4 sleeved hot pink with white polka dot cardigan (also on it's last legs)
3/4 sleeved white with black polka dot cardigan (another on borrowed time)
3/4 sleeved beige/cream/black floral print cardigan
2 black long sleeved cardigans
1 cream long sleeved cardigan

Needs: none
Wants: none

Short sleeved tops:
black scoop neck dressier knit T
white scoop neck, ruffled embelished at neckline knit T
red scoop neck knit T
royal blue scoop neck T
coral scoop neck T (on it's last legs-has some pilling)
black and white print scoop neck Rayon T (on it's last legs-pilling)

3/4 sleeved tops:
royal blue/white/black print 3/4 sleeved blouse
2 black and white print 3/4 sleeved blouses
purple/white/black 3/4 sleeved collared blouse
purple/teal/white 3/4 sleeved collared blouse

long sleeved tops:
black scoop neck knit T (will soon need replacing)
chocolate scoop neck knit T

Needs: 2-3 T's
Wants: none

short, belted trench
assorted fleece jackets

Needs: none
Wants: none

black flats
silver flats
navy flats
rain boots

Needs:(*one area that I really have to have a good sort through. Many of my shoes I can no longer wear, due to foot arthritis, so I plan on posting them for sale on local Facebook tagsale sites. Not sure what other pairs I can wear, besides the aforementioned flats that I have been wearing all Fall/Winter)
black Dasko sandals (yes PRICEY but necessary)

Assorted items:
plenty of knee high stockings
plenty of peds
plenty of crew socks and ankle socks
plenty of undergarments
plenty of sleepwear
plenty of scarves
umbrella in good condition
bath slippers

Needs: liners for my rainboots

So here's the plan:

-empty the closets, dressers and have a good, thorough sort out, donating or selling what I can no longer use (includes coat closet as well as items still in garage from move in August!)
-update my list above
-order capris on line, using discount code
-hit the second hand shops for T's
-buy the Danskos at the retailer that offers coupons upon occassion

Summer/weekend wear is any of the above, but more likely my less than work wear appropriate items (small stain, a mended tear), 3 sets of capri nylon pants, a pair of knit yoga capris (need replacing soon), Birkenstock sandals (may also need replacing)

What is your approach to revamping/updating a wardrobe? The older I get, I am finding that I want less stuff in my life, including clothing. Everything has to be easy care/machine washable (long gone are my days of wearing suits to work), mix and match. Thoughts?


Patti said...

Walmart has danskin now capris, yoga pants and cotton tshirts. These are good prices and wear well. I have several of each. I wear them for dog walks and weekends.
I also have a few columbia tops purchased off ebay in like new condition for super cheap. I get a blouse and a t and water the blouse as a jacket. These are great weekend wear with the danskin bottoms or a pair of jeans or khakis. So easy and everything matches everything else. So, lots of different combinations.
My work wardrobe is easy, too. Travel smith style knit outfits work year round here in so cal, can be dressed up or down and are super comfortable. If I buy travel smith brand, it is when they are on clearance, as that stuff is pricey.
I have also had to limit my shoe choices due to physical issues. I am loving ankle boots right now. They have more support than the flats. One black, one brown, get leather and they last forever!
Good luck bargain hunting!

Kearnygirl said...

Hi! Enjoy reading your blog. I wish I was as organized about my closet/clothing as you are! I usually wait for a sale at either Loft or Ann Taylor and then use a promo code online with it. The Ann Taylor clothing especially holds up very good and I always like the styles. I never have much luck with second hand clothing. Don't have many thrift shops near me. I'd rather wait for a sale and then try to stock up or replace an item. As Patti mentioned, I usually wear ankle boots most days. I find them to have more support than ballet flats. Since I've had issues in the past with plantar fascinitis, I was told not to walk long distances with flats and was told that a small heel is better than a flat, I tend to wear those ankle boots a lot.

CTMOM said...

Thanks for steering me in the direction of Wm for Danskin yoga pants/capris. I have one pair of capris, and they have seen better days. Great for at home, Summer wear for me, esp as I have more surgery coming up this Summer and need easy on/off clothing. As much as I hate shopping at WM, if I can run in, grab an item and leave, I'll be ok.

CTMOM said...

I find that I have to be organized as this saves me both time and money. I suspected that I had more than I realized as I first posted about my changing of the closets/wardrobe, and I was right. Some stuff I simply have donated, some items that are in great shape, I am trying to get some $ for, and for the remaining needs, I was able to combine a sale plus promo for the needed capris, my Summer staple. I chose colors that are basics and will carry me over into the warmer Fall months. I've have plantas fascitis-(sp?) not fun, hense my aging supply of Danskos. I am now down to an at home pair of sueded baby blue, a soon to join them pair of brown leather, and a pair of sueded brown and black that I've just retired to the Winter side of the closet. I also am plagued with bilateral toe arthritis, which is leading to bunions, and an achilles injury that is taking months to heal. If shoes don't hurt, then I have to see if the given pair won't aggevate my achilles. So out with those awesome shoes that i know I can never wear again. : (

Florence said...

I am retired so I don't need the work clothes wardrobe that you do. Actually, since I worked in a hospital pharmacy, I wore scrubs then and didn't need much of a wardrobe then either. Anyway, my wardrobe. I gave up dresses and skirts years ago; I don't even own a dress. I buy most of my clothes from LLBean or Lands End online. I know what size fits me and their clothes simply never wear out for me. I have 4 pairs of LLBean slacks, 5 short sleeve tees, 6 mock turtlenecks, 2 pullover sweaters, 3 pullover vests, and 3 hoodies. I have two spring/summer pants-pullover-jacket from Chico's and one for winter. I have sandals, sneakers, a brown pair of dress flats and a black pair of dress flats. And I have 2 purses, both black. I have found what works for me at this time in my life and I keep it simple.