Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's always worth a look

Got a call, late Fri afternoon, that kidlet's new eye glass lens was in. I called and arranged for an early morning appointment for today, to get the wrong lens out (kid has been blurry all week in that eye!) and the new one cut and fitted to his frames. Mission accomplished. It was a 45 minute drive North of here, so as we drove by, we stopped in at Stop and Shop. Perfect timing, once again!  Here's what I got on marked down:
 1 pkg Johnsonville brown sugar and honey bfst sausages, which I will serve tomorrow
 4 pkgs of Perdue plain (unseasoned) ground chicken patties. Ground Chicken used to be cheaper than beef, that has not been the case for some time.
 4 pkgs of sweet Italian sausages as well as (not pictured) 4 pkgs chicken apple bfst sausages (great in quiche)-all marked down
 Crash and burn: a 19 count (lost one somehow) case of water bottles (great for Emergency shelf) $1.49!
 A can of diced Ital style tomatoes, 49 cents and Ital style tomato sauce 34 cents-perfect for a pizza

four jars of dill pickeles $1.29. I also got a can of refried beans (not pictured) @ 79 cents, 2 pkgs of 6 count store bakery Kaiser rolls @ $1.25

Additional purchases:
Trop OJ, 1 bag ez S & S fzn mixed veg, peas; 2 boxes BE fzn pearl onions in cream sauce ($1), 2 huge Perdue OS roasts @ 99/lb-almost same price as Aldi;s and much larger birds, 4 lb head of green cabbage @ 17/lb, bag of white potatoes $1.99, a 4 lb corned beef that somehow wasn't scanned-didn't realize until we got home-explains why the store coupon wasn't working. I would have paid $2.99/lb-cheaper than Aldi's @ $3.99 (but I had picked up 4 @ $1.99 on an Aldi's Wed promo the last time we were up in that town for eye glass fittings). $63.97. I am over for March but no biggie-reimbursements are coming in. Of the 3, one is completely up to date as usual, one paid $355, another $50.

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Sandie Apuzzo said...

Great deals! I see that Walgreens has the coupon for the salmon this week, bringing it to 2.29 a can. I would never have known about this potential deal if it wasn't for you. Thank you!

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Very glad the reimbursements are coming in!

saraband said...

I notice that your shopping list includes bottled water. Is the tap water not nice to drink in your area?

CTMOM said...

Sara, I do NOT normally purchase bottled water-love the well water we have. That said, with power outages comes no water, good to have bottled water on the emergency prep shelf. At $1.49/19 bottles (normally holds 20 hense the mark down) this was a steal!