Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting resourceful


I am currently getting more resourceful, and raising some cash. While I am able to live below my means, and live quite frugally, sometimes I need to kick things up a knotch to more readily meet my goals.

I am in the process of getting designer quality drapes installed on the bow window of the eating area of the kitchen, where the glass is cold at night, and the Southern sunlight can be an issue. The drapes I bought are high end, fully lined, and easily cost at least $1000 when made, custom order. I paid $100 cash for 4 panels, which can easily be used at my next home, as they are so neutral. A classic pattern, they aren't something that I feel I'd ever grow tired of or which would become dated.

I have worked with an Interior Designer to figure out the best way to get these hung securely, yet as cost effectively as possible. Window coverings are an expensive undertaking. She is cutting me a 50% off deal for her services. $50.

I have selected the style of wooden rod and rings in a classic black with a not overly ornate finial. They are my style, and again, nothing I would tire of, they can easily be used again. I don't yet know the price, I had a range given to me, they are to be ordered tomorrow, and a discount applied.

Meanwhile, I am trying to raise some additonal funds to cover this luxury. I do allocate monies every month to "house hold expenses" for things like bedding, towels, replacement cookery, or in this case, drapes. I bought little when I moved here.  I have guestimated that I will need $300 more to cover these costs, so as not to impact my budget. So far:

Cashed in credit card rewards: $238.24
sold a plant stand I no longer use: $8
sold my umbrella clothes line I no longer use: $30

$276.21 in one afternoon, not bad.

I have listed multiple things on local FB tag sale pages, hoping to gather yet more cash. I will earmark it first towards this project, then to buying my expensive $$$ Dansko clogs and Birkenstock sandals. Again, I do set aside monies monthly for clothing, but that is $1200/year for 3 of us and each of these shoes can run well into the $100's each. I will be using a discount coupon when I do. : )

As a fall back, I did get a nice refund from my taxes, but some of that is already earmarked for replacing the windshield on my car, thanks to a stone from a pot hole.

What do you do when you need to raise some cash?


Belinda said...

I definitely sell things to bring in extra cash as needed. I sold things on Ebay to buy my daughter some new tennis shoes recently. She has a large foot and it is hard and expensive to find shoes that fit her right. You did good raising $276 in one afternoon.

I'm using my refund to purchase things we've needed. Like a pair of dress slacks and dress shoes (still looking) for her. New socks for both of us. Undergarments for me, maybe a new shirt. I am also buying the weather tech floor mats for my new car that we paid cash in full for recently. I want to protect my investment. I also paid up my insurance for the summer. Big increase with the new car. So, I am using it wisely. :)

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I missed that you bought a new car-good for you! I would add that the Weather Tech mats are awesome! Best to order directly on line from the company, vs buying from a store, auto supply etc. I found that was the best price. Fast shipping, too.

Sandie Apuzzo said...

I sell instruments, teaching guides/manuals, CD's (all things I no longer use in my classes) as well as antique finds, household items we no longer use to help fund our Sunday adventures as well as the few times a year we go away for 2 to 3 days for more antiquing adventures.

Belinda said...

Good to know, thank you, Carol. :)

CT Bargain Mom said...

I'm taking pics of some stuff the youngest has outgrown and posting to eBay. Too many bad things have happened to be in the news about craigslist selling, the local FB sale pages have been filled w drama - it's not middle school anymore. I figure whatever I get YAY, they aren't doing me any good in the closet.

Both kids need new horns (used) this year, but are attached to their old ones and don't want to sell them yet. So I'm working on squirreling $$ for those.

Kathy Richter said...

Just heard on our radio that because of the terrible things happening on Craig's list, they are encouraging people to meet at the Sheriff's office to exchange items as they have security cameras. Good idea?

CTMOM said...

Kathy, yes, I am very careful when dealing with these types of sales, even with Freecycle. I ask that items be at the end of the driveway or I leave mine there for someone to grab n go. No need to approach a house. I also meet in a very public place, if needed for selling/buying and usually am not alone. Safety first. : )