Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frozen assets and how to afford most costly recipes

 Yesterday morning found me in the kitchen, amassing the ingredients that I was able to gather over time, for making multiple trays of lasagna. Shoprite had ricotta as well as Mozzarella on sale, the cottage cheese is from Xpect, the eggs are Aldi's the block of Romano cheese is an ingredient that DD bought, and has been lingering. I am actively trying to use it up. I always have wedges of domestic Parmesan in the house. I also grabbed the last can (not pictured) of Popeye brand spinach off of the cellar pantry shelves. Good to use that up. I only use it in this recipe, if not florentine stuffed shells.
 I had been waiting for packages of no boil, lasagna noodles to once again be at Dollar Tree. I was finally able to grab 2 boxes this week. Great!
 I will also need marainara-no buying that here, I turned to what I already have, including the fzn block of marinara sauce, left over from a prior meal. I also had some marinara from this week, some marinara from a second meal in the freezer, and finally, the "tomato broth" that I had saved from this week's Crock Pot stuffed peppers.
 I combined the aforementioned marinara sauces and tomato broth from 4 prior meals with a large can of tomato puree, some spices. I stirred this, covered it and let it simmer for 30 minutes, while I got the filling ready.
 One tray of lasagna was offered for Saturday lunch (knowing that one portion would serve as GF's dinner after work)
and an additional 2 trays went into the freezer as "frozen assets." Lasagna is an expensive entree, unless made with sale priced ingredients, especially the cheeses. I intentionally also make this a vegetarian entree as well.

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Frugal in Bucks said...

Lasagnes are a great one pot meal. I do meat ones with ground beef and chicken ones, haven't had a vegetarian one but I will. Do,you do a white sauce as well?