Monday, March 16, 2015

Fish on Monday: baked salmon filets with dill and lemon

 Fish on Monday and continuing to use what we've got, avoid food waste. DS # 1 set out a tub of organic, baby salad greens that had started to turn prematurely-second time this has happened recently (Aldi's being the source of both pkgs). I bit the bullet and washed the greens thru a colander, composting the icky ones, salvaging the good ones. Today's salad bowl photo is a bit blurry, but it contains the saved greens, the rest of the green cabbage from my 4th (and oldest) cabbage that really was nothing more than the core with a bit of cabbage leaves still on, what equates one whole tomato, chopped (I had 1/2 of a tomato leftover from sandwiches; DS #1 cut opened a second one, placing the leftover 1/2 from THAT tomato in the fridge); 3 large mushrooms, sliced. DD is going away for a few days after work, and DS # 1 and GF alerted me to their not having supper tonight, at approx. 4 p.m. I let them know that in the future, I need more notice as I wouldn't have defrosted 2 more salmon fillets for them. Looks like Salmon will be my lunch tomorrow!
While we still have salad dressing on hand (all homemade except for the dregs of some bottled, Dijon Ranch), I decided to blend the dregs of the aforementioned Ranch with some lurkers in the fridge: 3 assorted take out honey mustard tubs, all of the Chinese  take out spicy mustard, along with some additional mayonnaise, a good squirt of honey. I whisked this all together and Eureka! we now have Spicy Honey Mustard dressing for this week. Coupled with the cabbage in the salad, I feel that this will be a nice addition. I still have some Champagne balsamic vinaigrette, organic  Creamy dill made with low fat, plain yogurt; organic Ranch (which most of us found peppery/spicier than usual Ranch but DS loves it).

So baked Salmon fillets with dill, black pepper, bottled lemon juice; oven roasted fingerling potatoes with Rosemary and garlic, canned corn. Not bad for a Monday!

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