Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crock Pot Tuesday: spaghetti

 This afternoon, I came home to this Crock Pot of home made, chunky vegetable-Italian style chicken sausage spaghetti sauce. I assembled all ingredients except for the 3 sausages, which I removed from their casings and fried off as crumbles at 5 a.m. as I prepared breakfast and lunch for school/work. Yet another storm brought me home right after work, so it's been a quiet afternoon at home, having cancelled our after school/work obligations.
 I blended some sauce into the cooked spaghetti, offering extra sauce as desired

 Choice of a bit of Romano or Parmesan cheeses to freshly grate on top, if desired
 Choice of leftover green beans or cauliflower/broccoli/brussels sprouts

green salad with choice of dressing

Pasta was all eaten, leftover sauce was naturally frozen for a future meal. Probably enough for a pizza topping, if not simply added to another marinara dish.

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Frugal in France said...

Ah, I have yet to reach your degree of expertise in organization ! xx