Saturday, March 21, 2015

Closet cleanout

 Here's the pile of rejects from my closet, including 10 pairs of shoes that I can no longer wear. : (
I've bagged some of this for donation, and some has been listed on 3 local Facebook tag sale sites, hoping to get some $ out of them, if possible.
 Wool sweaters, and a wood jacket were moved to the left closet, where I keep my fleece jackets, and my long, fleece robe.

My one pair of shorts, kept on the left "casual " side of the closet

 Also in that side of the closet is wehre I store my more casual or just at home tops, several of which are no longer suitable for work wear. NOt pictured, but I placed my suede Danskos aka "Winter shoes" in a hanging shoe rack on that side as well.
 I then moved my sandals, sneakers, Spring shoes to the right side closet. (This MBR has 2 double closets, so I take advantage of this) To the right of the shoes, is a hanger with my scarves, just peeking into the image

I decided to still keep 2 knit dresses and 3 skirts. If not  worn by August, they will go.
Next, I have 2 pairs of cropped pants, and several pairs of black dress pants
 Here are my Spring Sweaters mixed in with my black sweaters that I really use almost year round. Once we are in hot weather, I'll switch the heavier black ones to the other closet. I often wear layers in Spring/Summer.

Here are my work tops, mostly dressier blouses. I have some tanks, some short sleeved, mostly 3/4 quarter sleeved and a few long sleeved.

Bottom line is that I needed cropped pants for both work/home, and I ordered them this afternoon, selecting an off white, a taupe, grey, a dark blue. These are such basic colors, which will carry over into Fall. I was able to use a 20% off code in addition to them being on sale and they will be delivered for free to my home. Perfect.

I still need a good, sturdy pair of sandals. All of my Birkenstocks have been trashed. I do have some sandals but they predate my foot issues. I'll use them unless my feet bother me as a result. A few pairs, I can see will only get me thru the Summer and will most likely be trashed come Fall. A replacement pair of Dansko sandals are also on the list.

I need to get a few pairs of yoga pants and that's all folks. I realized that I still have more on hand than I had thought. I do plan on culling down more as time goes on.

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TrayceeBee said...

I love how organized you are! If your items don't sell through the Facebook tag sale page, is there a local consignment shop you can try? With two teenage daughters, one still growing taller and the other finicky with style, I have had great success with our local consignment. Only two issues are you have to wait to get paid and the shop takes a percentage of the sale obviously.