Sunday, March 1, 2015

April's plan: dinner menus


Since I am a planner, and adjust as life's circumstances warrent, here are April's menus, once again relying heavily upon what is already on hand:

2-black bean burgers using canned beans, salad
3-farfale with home made marinara, salad
4-turkey burgers (use fzn meat), home made macaroni salad
5-Easter dinner: baked butt ham (fzn) with pineapple slices in spicy mustard-brown sugar glaze, mashed potatoes, fzn organic peas w/ canned mushrooms and fzn pearl onions in cream sauce
6-home made salmon cakes (use canned pink), cole slaw, canned green beans
7-Crock Pot pork stew (use fzn pork)
9-vegetable quiche, steamed carrots, salad
10-BSCB (fzn) in herbed cream sauce (aesptic box), brown rice, organic peas
11-tuna baby shell pasta salad
12-baked chicken drums (use fzn meat), brown rice, canned beets
13-baked fzn cod (use Panko), fzn broccoli florettes, cole slaw
14-crock pot stuffed peppers, canned corn
16-penne with jarred vodka sauce, canned green beans
17-taco bake (use fzn ground beef/turkey), canned corn
18-egg and olive sandwiches
19-pork chops (fzn)bake (use pkg stuffing shreds), canned green beans, home canned apple sauce
20-tuna casseole with med shell macaroni, salad
21-crock pot turkey (use fzn diced cooked turkey)-pinto chilli, home made corn bread
22-birthday-plans TBD
23-CP meatballs (need to make) in home made marinara over spaghetti, salad
25-sloppy joes (use canned sauce, fzn ground meat), pasta salad
26-Crock pot meat loaf (use fzn meat), instant mashed potatoes, fzn gravy, canned corn
27-horse radish encrusted Tilapia (use fzn fillets), coleslaw, steamed carrots
28-chicken cacciatore (use fzn drums, fzn peppers, canned mushrooms, onions, canned tomatoes), brown rice
30-pate chinois (use fzn beef, instant potatoes, canned cream corn), apple raisin coleslaw

I will need torilla chips for the taco bake, 1 can of pineapple slices, fzn broccoli, ground beef and ground turkey, cabbage, carrots, potatoes. Beyond that, just staples to complete this plan, as needed.

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