Saturday, March 21, 2015

A worthwhile grocery trip

 Weather turned quite bad for driving yesterday, so DD closed work early, had her Dad pick her up in his 4 WD truck and take her home, leaving her car in the lot at work. This meant that I had to take her in this morning. I was a bit nervous as it was still snowing as of 9 a.m.! Luckily, it did stop before we left, the sun is out and melting a lot of snow. I am so sick of this weather! I needed to grab a jug of whole milk for one kidlet, so I stopped in at Stop and Shop on the way back home. Here is jsut under $51 worth of groceries! I think I did quite well.
 Included are 3, 4 count pkgs of assorted "economy" pork chops (2 sirloin shoulder chops, 2 bone in center cut chops) that were all marked down. While the store has a coupon only special (limits to one/customer) on whole pork, this worked out even cheaper.
I paid $1.67/lb vs $1.99 for the whole, bone in roast. For $12.30, I have meat for 6 for 2 meals or $6.15 for the meat/meal. Sides are much cheaper so even withoug know exactly what I'll pair with these chops in the months ahead,it certainly won't cost over $4 so I'm calling this a $10/6 or $1.67/head. Pretty good in my book.

What I bought, besides the milk and chops:
2 6 ct pkgs marked down store bakery Kaiser rolls, quart low fat vanilla yogurt, 4 bags S & s mixed fzn veggies, 1 bottle marked down BBQ sauce, can hazelnut coffee (coupon promo), 4 bs sugar (coupon promo), a whole bunch of store brand canned vegetables: 8 Mexi corn, 6 waxed beans, 6 sliced beets, 4 whole potatoe, 4 sliced potatoe,-all were 50 cents/can; 1 16 oz jar peannut butter (coupon promo), 4 large cans tomaot puree, over 2 lbs bananas (sale), 1 lb organic swiss chard.

So, a good trip, adding 2 meat based meals to upcoming dinners, replenishing/stocking fzn as well as canned vegetables, My organic CSA won't start until the beginning of May, so I have at least 6 weeks to get thru before more fresh produce is readily available (price wise) to me.

I am in the red, grocery wise, so all expenditures are currently allocated to April.

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