Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's been cooking?

I previously posted about Monday's new to us recipe:

A definate keeper!

Monday night also found me preparing ahead for Crock Pot Tuesday's spaghetti sauce:

Tuesday afternoon, was therefor a quick to get to the table meal for me:
 Here's the finished sauce that I came home to
 I added some to penne pasta
 offering freshly grated Parmesan to those interested
 A fzn bag of squash came to the rescue (planned ahead of course)
 and was steamed in the microwave, as I prefer not to cook in plastic

I managed to cobble together a salad: the last of the organic Romaine, some cabbage, 2 tomatoes, the rest of the pickles were cubed up, the rest of a cuke was also cut small, the rest of a red onion was sliced. Assorted dressings were available.

 Wednesday became dinner for one, so I made myself a turkey, lettuce, sandwich on a Kaiser roll, with a cup of tea. Worked for me.
 Vegetarian Thursday was another round of Shepherdess pie, affording me the opportunity to clean out the veggie drawer, using up some about to go items, as well as some leftovers. Besides red lentils, the filling is comprised of onion, carrot, celery, grated Kohlrabi, leftover corn, spinach, Swiss chard. Spices, bouillion granules and water were used in the cooking water, creating a type of gravy. I made this recipe up to this part on Wed night, and refrigerated my pan until Thursday afternoon, when I came home and picked up where I had left off.
 Turned out that I had so many veggies, and so much filling, that a small take away container was repurposed to provide a mini version.
 I culled all of the old potatoes from down cellar, and while many still remain, I was able to use quite a number of them up, in a large batch of mashed potatoes. I had intended originally, to use more of the gifted to us instant spuds, but these fresh ones need to go!

A can of French onion soup was pulled out of the pantry to make a gravy to serve atop the Shepherdess pie, and this is the block of sharp Cheddar used as a topping. I've learned to date things with a marker, otherwise, someone* will snack on key ingredients needed for my recipes.
A frozen asset was pulled out of the freezer-a smaller tub of onion-mushroom, beef-pork gravy that was leftover. Not 100% vegetarian now as a meal, but pretty darn close!
 The family sized casserole, ready to be baked off. I also top the shredded cheese with some Paprika for color.
 My mini one is now a frozen asset. Would be perfect for 2-3 people for a lunch or dinner.

Fresh out of the oven. We've had a real cold snap (was minus 6 this morning) so a hot, comforting dinner was welcomed.
Fri-just DD and myself, I treated us to take out Chinese.

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