Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's been cooking?

 This past Wed ended up being dinner for one, so I made myself fried eggs and Rye toast.
 Wanting a bit more, I made myself dessert, which is unusual: fresh berries over vanilla bean ice cream. I do have an affinity for simple, and fruit based desserts. This really hit the spot!
 Tried something new on vegetarian Thursday: a Betty Crocker, Crock Pot Winter vegetable stew. A few alterations to the recipe such as using onions for leeks, adding chic peas for protein, using bouillon based chicken broth, and serving over egg noodles. It was a bit bland. Should I make this again, more spices will be added along with garlic.
 Friday night ended up being for 3, so I made 2 identical pizzas, providing leftovers for today's lunch. Pizza # 1
 Pizza # 2: used ABM's for the crust, my last "made from tomato scraps while canning" aka freebie tomato sauce, purple onion, the rest of the black olives, 2 leftover slices of cooked bacon that I chopped, Pepperoni, a 1/4 lb bag of hot Italian sausage, a can of drained mushrooms, some gifted to us domestic Parmesan cheese from a wedge, 2 bags of shredded Italian blend pizza cheese between the 2 pizzas.
 With a guest in the home this weekend, I made a smaller batch (using one can instead of the usual 2, as only 3 are here this morning, boys are with Dad, DS and GF are both already at work)of corned beef hash, pulling one of my 2 cans from my hidden stash. DS #1 will use a can or 2 for "a snack."-I can feed SIX with that, and it's an expensive ingredient item. Sigh. I first peel and slice some potatoes (noted that my remaining fresh potatoes are a bit long in the tooth and need to be used up), and I chopped 1/2 of a large onion, refrigerating the rest. I sauteed those until soft, using reserved pork fat so as to conserve my pam spray, shortening, butter, margarine, EVOO and canola oil. I then add the canned hash, some black pepper and let it cook and crisp up. I serve this with choice of mustards.

Fried eggs as well as Rye toast were served, along with OJ and coffee. I noted that my tabletop, convection toaster oven started burning the toast (scrapped the black away into the sink), and feel that it's days may be limited. I've had it for years, use it ALOT, especially as it helps me to conserve electricity over using the large, range oven. So until it dies, we'll trudge on. I will definately replace it with another convection style model. I think I paid $69 on sale, back in the day-well worth it.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I use my toaster oven a lot more than my main stove oven. Love fried eggs...

~Carla~ said...

Oh yum! That all looks SO good! My meals forever are the same, so seeing stuff like that makes me wish I could eat all of that! lol!!