Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tracking grocery spending


As of Jan 1, my grocery budget simply had to be slashed. We tend to eat the pantry/freezer down at this time, so it's something that I am used to. Dinner menus planned well ahead of the new month (Jan), focusing, as always, on food stuffs already on hand, with a limited  amount of must haves on the lists, besides perishables.

I frequented a grocery store 14 times that month. My shops were:
-Stew Leonard's-1
-Dollar Tree-3
-Price Rite-3

Some of these visits were just for a jug of milk, for example. It does include purchases of proteins: tuna, cold cuts: turkey breast, bologna, ham; 2 beef roasts, 2 Deli counter cold cuts, 2 bacon, a shank ham, eggs.

In total, I spent $381.10 on groceries in Jan. Averages out to $95.28/week

Looking at February, now that we are at the half way mark:

I have visited a store 5 times.
-Price Rite-1
-Dollar Tree-1

To date (for Feb), I have spent $209.82 on groceries, including purchases for proteins: fzn Cod fillets, fzn Tilapia fillets, eggs, cold cuts: turkey breast, cube steaks (marked down), 2 each fzn tubes of ground turkey and grnd beef.

For comparison, my grocery allocations in my budget are as follows:

organic CSA: $83.33
restaurant food: $50
grocery: $216.67 (my portion) + $300 (older children's contributions) so $516.67

Keeping the CSA membership and restaurant food out of the calculations, I spent $135.57 less than normally budgeted for the month of Jan. I am still owed $122.23 for that month. Grrr

Looking at Feb, I am still owed $100, so for now, I can spend up to $416.67, allowing me $209.82 more for the upcoming 2 weeks. I refuse to spend monies not in my pocket. Beyond milk, this upcoming week, should require little shopping. The last week of the month, I will need milk, OJ, bread and AP flour, sugar, cream rinse, 1/2 & 1/2, ketchup, salad ingredients (limited this time of year), laundry detergent.

We continue to make do, and use it up.

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