Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today's baking

The good news:

 I made a double batch of plain muffins, filling the middles with a tsp or so of homemade ginger-mango jam.

I also made up a try of rice krispy bars, using rice cereal from Price rite as well as some mini marshmallows.

Bad news: I slipped on the tile floor and the Pyrex pan of rice Krispy bars went flying, crashing into a million pieces. I am fine, the bars and my Pyrex are in the trash. Grrr.

Good news: since I am was trying to do a fridge clean out, I found a tub with barely enough leftover, cream cheese based frosting as my inspiration to mix up a discounted, Fall "funfetti" type cake mix that I bought in early Winter, when the Christmas explosion took over. I think I paid 49 cents for the mix.


Belinda said...

Oh no. :(

Glad you are fine, I'm sure you were disappointed though. :(

CTMOM said...

Bummed that I broke my vintage Pyrex, one of my favorites. I listed an "in search of" on 2 freebie websites locally. Meanwhile, I can also hit the thrift shops tomorrow, as I will pass by 2 favorite ones in the city as I go to/from a medical appointment.

Julie Vidani said...

oh dear, I'm glad you're ok! that could have really put a crimp in your shoulder recovery. I find pyrex fairly often at thrift stores.

CTMOM said...

Julie, I wasn't so worried about my shoulders as I was my achilles and my hip! Egads I sound like I'm 100! Thanks for your concern. Yes, Pyrex is found often around here. I plan to hit some shops soon (second hand) to see if I can replace it.

Sandie Apuzzo said...

Glad you weren't badly hurt.