Sunday, February 1, 2015

Today's baking

 Some of the old bananas have gone into this family favorite: banana sheet cake, which will be topped with a cream cheese-buttercream frosting, and then topped with chopped walnuts. I have some leftover cream cheese-buttercream frosting that already contains chopped walnuts, as I used some freebie, work leftover, honey walnut cream cheese as the base. I will make a 1/2 batch of my usual cream cheese-buttercream frosting, and when combined, I should have just enough. Hoping for no leftovers to store in the fridge.
 2, 2 lb loaves of honey-whole wheat bread
 A box mix of brownies (Price Rite-awesome, BTW!) Used no nuts this time around. Now that I am completely out of gifted to me SC pecans, I am careful about using the pricey walnuts that I bought at Aldi's.

The kids continue to enjoy the individual "Jello cups" that I have been making. With 4 remaining in the fridge, I decided to make another, single batch of 4 cups. I normally would make a double batch. I am tweaking my bowl covering. As I cleaned out a closet that stores Crockpots, bread makers, the blender, along with all of the boxes of bags and wraps, I came across some washed and saved foil. I had an ahah! moment. I previously blogged about my technique for making 2 covers out of one narrow sheet of plastic wrap. I still am immediately tossing the plastic after one use, however. Instead, I cut one of my reused strips of foil, making 2 foil covers in the process. These can easily be rewashed, rinsed really, and used over. A much better option, IMO.

With additional banana pulp on hand, I am baking off a loaf of Yankee Magazine banana bread-my go to recipe.

Cranberry bread, using the rest of my cranberry-orange relish.

 Since the oven temp is lower, I will wait until that is finished before baking a sour cream coffee cake, using up most of the sour cream that I have on hand, and providing an easy breakfast in the process.

It's been a while since I made that, and I am guessing that the older kids who raided it, appreciated it! Half was gone when I went to serve breakfast this morning! Banan bread was intact, but 2/3 of the cranberry bread is already gone.

Additionally, I made a batch of these:


young77 said...

Once again you inspired me! Made a batch of spaghetti sauce with ground beef, garlic, onions, dried basil, oregano and a tiny bit of crushed red pepper. I used a quart of home- canned tomatoes gifted to me by a niece and a can of tomato sauce. Turned out so good and
some for the freezer. Now I have a loaf pan of banana bread in the oven. Only made 1/2 recipe as I didn't have enough eggs for a whole recipe. Thanks again, Carol! Shirley

SheilaPCT said...

Carol, I don't know if you have tried this yet but I found you can add an extra 1/2 cup of water to Jello and it still sets up fine, giving you one extra serving for free.