Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking care of business: more medical check ups-the eye

Image: http://img.allw.mn/content/www/2010/08/7-reasons-to-see-your-eye-doctor/it-s-been-a-year_7-reasons-to-see-your-eye-doctor.jpg

DS # 1 visited the opthamologist last Fall, got new glasses, which I paid for

I had my visit in early January, I also bought new glasses for myself

DD recently went, her RX is the same, no new glasses, which she rarely wears

Today was the twin's turn and one will be getting a new pair of glasses (RX significantly changed) and the other will get just replacement lenses.

Luckily, DD is on her own for medical costs, OOP; I gifted DS #1 his glasses as he couldn't afford them, I have resources to reimburse me for the one new pair that one twin ordered. I also get partial reimbursement for one complete pair of glasses or one set of lenses/year. Every bit helps.

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