Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday supper: a mini Thanksgiving

 I've defrosted my last, whole turkey, bought around the year end holidays. Would have liked to have yet more in the freezer, bargains simply were hard to find. I did buy 2 frozen turkeys, price matching them in the process. This is the last one. I will be roasting it in my vintage, GE electric roaster oven, saving my range oven for today's baking.
Stuffing, baked acorn squash with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter;  homemade gravy, mashed potatoes (planning on cooking up all of the remaining, older ones, and freezing extra mashed, as needed), home canned cranberry sauce.

 Key ingredients for tonight's stuffing: homemade chicken stock, reserved chicken fat (not pictured)
 the contents of the Bells box
celery, onions, an apple, some craisins.

My supper plate-delicious!

Planed over turkey will be sorted out, prepped ahead and frozen (such as chopped for chilli, one of the breasts cut carefully off of the carcass and packaged for sandwiches this week),

 bones, skin placed in the Crock Pot for stock.  Stock now strained and cooling, I easily ahve 3 quarts of free to me stock, made out of what many would have tossed into the garbage.

As always, but ever more so important due to rising food costs, especially for meat, I picked the bones yet again, culling about 2 cups of bits of meat. Worth the trouble? Yes. I have a turkey chilli planned for supper on Tuesday, and these 2 cups of meat will be much appreciated.

Turkey remains a really economical choice for us, and it's a meat that we like.


Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi, I always read your foodie posts. Very good. Do you freeze your mashed potato any special way? Mine come out a bit crystallised and dense when microwaved. Tastes very different once frozen. Any tips? Thanks.

CTMOM said...

Frugal in Bucks
I just place them in a plastic container and freeze. I defrost them, and using a wire whisk, rewhisk them. No issues.

Frugal in Bucks said...

Ah, I'm not really mixing them up afterwards that must be it. We kind of just mash ours here with a fork and I think you have them more creamed. I will give it a go. Thanks. X

CTMOM said...

Frugal, I either hand mash with a potato masher OR whip them using a hand mixer. I add butter, salt, pepper, onion powder and milk until the right consistency. HTH