Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday supper: baked chicken

 Chicken drums that I had cut off of some cheap, chicken leg quarters and froze separately were drizzled with some cooking oil, then amply seasoned with Paprika and Mrs Dash's garlic and herb salt free seasoning.
 Ready to serve
 Part of my freezer clean out, this bag of rice mix that I got at Dollar Tree some time ago, thinking that it would be a nice, quick side for DD and I when it's just us. It's been lurking, time to go!
 Here are the contents
 I also prepared the rest of the Basmati rice and then blended the two together, creating what I called a rice pilaf.

Frozen, organic CSA butter and sugar corn that I seasoned with salt and pepper, some margarine
Here's my supper plate.

Naturally, the chicken baking dish was deglazed and the broth strained, now awaits in a repurposed, glass pickle jar in the fridge

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