Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday supper and today's cooking

Pulled yet another, boneless pork roast out of the deep freezer for tonight's Sunday supper.

I will oven roast this on a bed of onions, garlic and mushrooms (need to grab a can off of the pantry shelf).

 Here's the cooked meat, resting while I make a gravy. I first strained out the onions/garlic/mushrooms, reserving just the onions and mushrooms, then made a quick broth using some gifted to us, low salt beef bouillon, adding this to the pan drippings. I then used a corn starch slurry to thicken. Delicious!

This will make for a nice gravy to serve over egg noodles. Sides will be canned beets, homemade apple sauce.

Extra gravy has become a frozen asset.

My supper plate.

Breakfast was a cranberry orange relish bread that I baked last night, to use up the remaining cranberry-orange relish. I used my regular cranberry bread recipe, substituting the relish for the berries. Came out fine. Coffee/cocoa (finally finished the last of the gifted to us, Starbucks cocoa powder).

Lunch will be frozen and now defrosting Aldi's hotdoge and Brats,

served with some fzn and now defrosting, homemade baked beans blended into the leftover (frn and efrosted for my supper last night) Calico beans that have been lurking. I covered these with washed foil, and baked them off for 30  minutes in the mini convection oven. I have a few now defrosted, hot dog buns to offer up as well. Everyone else will have their sausages on a plate. Plenty of condiments: relishes, ketchup, mustards to choose from. There even is just a bit of coleslaw that needs to go, as well as one serving of salad. We still have dressings.

 We've been completely out of bread for several days. Time to address this. Note the blue writting on one of the machines. "this one is noisy" is written on the one machine (they are duplicate models) that was about to die. It died this morning. Fortunately, I anticipated this, and when offered up, I took a friend up on an offer for a freebie, 2 lb bread machine. I have dumped the contents of the broken machine into the new to me machine, and we're back in business. I like to make 2 loaves at a time, and bake them off together to capitalize on the expensive energy being used in the electric range oven. I will also bake additional items, whenever possible.
Here is some fruit that is calling me: time to salvege what I can. I am thinking banana breads. Half of this apple has spoiled, so I'll cut that away, shred the rest and blend it in OR, I just may add it to the beans mentioned above. Yep, that is what I will do. Very New England of me. : )

I'd also like to make some cookies today. I am thinking of the circa 1930's molasses cookies that I haven't made in some time. They only require one egg, and make a ton of cookies. : )

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