Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday soup: turkey vegetable

 This week's soup started by collecting some ingredients: a jar of chicken stock (later returned to the fridge for another time) and a large container of turkey stock, which was more than enough
 The rest of the home made, turkey gravy
 The rest of the older celery, 3 carrots (these were large, so ended up only using 2), and 1/2 of the large onion, 1 pint of organic, CSA home canned tomatoes
 The container of meat stripped from the roast turkey (still have some of the breast half in the cold cut drawer).
 Chopped up about 2 cups worth for the soup
 Chopped and bagged the rest for the freezer
 leftover, organic CSA butter and sugar corn
 some leftover egg noodles, some leftover penne pasta (plain). Add some spices: parsley, home made salt free spice blend, black pepper, Goya chicken powdered bouillon

Soup's on! To be served with saltines. Fridge is cleared out, food waste avoided, future work lunches prepped ahead.


Gill - That British Woman said...

yum, it looks good and a great way to use things up.

CTMOM said...

Gill, Unusually cold/frigid temps in CT, and yet another snow storm. Perfect for this weather.