Sunday, February 8, 2015

Preventative maintenance and avoiding gross and expensive plumbing issues

 I recently noted that someone* was not cleaning the hallway, main bathroom tub drain after showering. I never go into this bathroom, save to change the hand towel at the sink, grab the bath mat or rug to wash, if not to scrub it down once a month or so. I have a cleaning service here once a month, so the kids are responsible to take turns cleaning it, the other 3 weeks of the month. After bringing the mess of hair in the tub catcher to everyone's attention, it remained uncleared. Sigh. So naturally, I took care of it, which wasn't easy, given my OT issues. I wanted it addressed so as not to create a plumbing issue. I purchased an in drain screen, but had to return it this morning as the design of the pipe that leads to the tub catcher goes in a bit and is rounded, preventing the standard screen from remaining flat. I returned to the local, hardware store this morning, and got my credit of $2.79.
We now have this hair snare @ $4.99. It's plastic, which I am not fond of, but a few dollars invested in preventative maintenance is well worth it.
I've also been dealing with a sluggish Master bathroom sink. I don't want to use harsh chemicals as we are on a well and septic, not to mention the cost. I've tried running piping hot water, I've tried plungering it, I've tried baking soda followed by vinegar. No go. The stopper simply pushes down and doesn't come off, so a standard snake won't do. I read on line that a Zip it plastic snake is what I needed. I bought the above @ $3.49, plastic mini snake with barbs on it. It is intended just for the kind of sink drain set up that I have. Insert, twist a few times and pull out the clog. I was surprised at how much I pulled out, even though I think that I am careful. This sink also has a weird sink drain to plumbing waste pipe connection:


I had never seen that, not sure that I am a fan as I think it just leads to clogs. The one in my Master bath connects just below the sink to the S trap. So, now this sink is draining quickly, I was able to address it myself and now own the tool needed, should it get sluggish again.

Call it a $9 fix.

Avoiding a plumber's bill-awesome! : )


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Well done! (And btw that was a crazy amount of hair. It looks long so I'm assuming it is GF's - how could she not see it?!) I shed like crazy these days and am always scooping it up from everywhere :-(
~ Pru

CTMOM said...

Pru-yes, it's the GF's. DD has medium length hair and 9 times out of ten, uses my shower. 3 boys have short hair. I told everyone that I cleared it, to avoid a plumbing issue and that we now have a hair catcher gizmo, which should be cleared after every shower. I also shed, always have and I do have long hair now. I clear my tub drain daily.

Theresa F said...

Could some of that hair have been there when you moved in? It takes a while to build up. It is nasty though eh?!

CTMOM said...

NO, it's the GF's . . I am far from happy about that.