Monday, February 2, 2015

Planning ahead: March menus 2015


Without going into particulars, February finds me being SIGNIFICANTLY short of funds for groceries. While I have aways planned out my menus in advance, after first taking stock of what is already on hand, this past month of Jan and now Feb, found me eating down our pantry/freezer supplies and only restocking on essential staples except for the awesome deals that I'd be a fool not to take advantage of. I have continued, however, to keep a sharp eye on our expenses and expenditures.  Now as I look ahead towards March, I have decided that until I am reimbursed, we will continue to eat what is here already, as a means to lessen this burdeon (reduced grocery monies). Efforts will be made so as not to let the family feel deprived, treats will continue to be made, I will be limited, however, to what is on hand.

So here goes:

1-baked ham (fzn) with canned pineapple slices topped with a brown sugar and spicy mustard glaze, baked sweet potatoes (fzn), brussel sprouts (fzn)
2-horseradish encrusted Tilapia (fzn), brown rice, canned green beans
3-spaghetti with hot Italian sausage (fzn) marinara-use canned puree, home canned tomatoes, fzn pepper strips; salad (TBD)
5-planned overs: homemade mac n cheese with ham (use fzn Swiss and Munster), salad (TBD)
7-homemade split pea soup, saltines
8-baked chicken legs (fzn), brown rice, steamed carrots and fzn organic peas
9-creamed salmon (canned fish) over boiled potatoes, canned green and waxed beans
10-crock pot pot roast with golden mushroom soup & dry French onion soup mix to make a gravy, mashed potatoes (instant?), carrots
12-turkey (fzn cubed)-dried pinto chilli (use home canned tomatoes), home made corn bread
13-homemade pizza (use fzn shredded pizza cheese blend, pepperoni slices, assorted veg)
14-homemade chicken noodle soup, saltines
15-corned beef (buy beef) with cabbage, carrots, potatoes; homemade Irish soda bread
16-broiled salmin fillets (fzn), brown rice, canned corn
17-planned overs: homemade corned beef hash, homemade baked beans, coleslaw
19-crockpot beef stew (fzn meat), potato, onion, celery, carrot, mushroom. Use Mrs Dash stew mix packet. Homemmade herbed biscuits?
21-homemade clam chowder-use canned clams, potato, bacon fat, onions, etc. Serve with saltines
22-herb crusted, eye of the round (fzn), baked potatoes, canned corn
23-creamed tuna (canned) over brown rice, canned beets
24-Crock pot stuffed pepper cups (fzn), use grnd beef (fzn), rice, home canned tomatoes, home canned tomato sauce, fzn block of Mozzarella cheese; corn
26-baked ziti with plain marinara (doctor up a can of tomato puree), topped with cheese (use rest of block of Mozzarella from Tues), fzn broccoli cuts
28-homemade lentil soup, saltines
29-roast pork (fzn), homemcanned apple sauce, egg noodles, canned green beans
30-oven baked white fish (fzn)with lemon and herbs, oven fries, coleslaw, fzn organic peas
31-planned overs: roast pork stir fried rice using a lurking ginger-seasme rice mix, shredded cabbage, carrot, sliced onions, pineapple bits, etc.

Beyond the usual staples, I would only need to buy 2 corned beef briskets (one is just not enough and i have a planned over for hash), cabbage (always cheap due to St Pat's), fzn broccoli. This is do-able.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Do the parties that owe you $$ understand the consequences of their delay in payment on the family budget?

It's never an easy lesson but very valuable one for young adults. At least you are trying to keep everyone happily fed a good variety

young77 said...

To my mind it doesn't look like anyone will/should feel deprived of delicious and wholesome meals!! Shirley

CTMOM said...

CT Bargain, Part of my reasoning in severely cutting back on what I buy is to visably show the cause and effect scenario. I am stubborn, if this "eat what is on hand" scenario plays out into April, it's gonna get pretty interesting, food wise around here. Hopefully, it won't get to that. Nutrition is very important to me, it is something I will not sacrifice.

CTMOM said...

Shirley, thank you. This will be a challenge, but I think I can meet it.

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Two comments - 1) You are so organized! I love it! 2) This is a comprehensive menu. I hope no one feels deprived. ~ Pru