Monday, February 2, 2015

Planning ahead: Crock Pot Tuesday

Every night as I prepare supper, I think ahead of the next day: what will be for bfst, lunch and supper. I plan this thoroughly, as as to maximize my time, as efficiently as possible, make sure that I use certain ingredients, including planned overs in many cases, if not lurkers, these past few months. Tomorrow will be a busy morning for me. One kidlet just received notice of a 2 hour delayed opening with the warning that this may change (to a closure if roads are bad). Other kidlet is scheduled for a MRI (was able to move it from 7:45 to 8:30, hoping that the sun will be out, helping any salt to do it's trick. Lots of snow today, some sleet and roads are supposed to ice up (been lousy all day from what reports are saying) and a deep freeze is hitting CT as I type). Immediately after the MRI, we have an appointment with a knee specialist (literally right across the street) to go over the results and determine what is next. Having supper simmering away is a comfort, and keeps us on track with finances.

Freezer clean out will translate into a stew, using a packet of bought on sale plus large coupon, salt free Mrs Dash stew seasoning. It requires a few Tbsp of tomato paste (we are out) so I will substitute ketchup. along with the contents of a Burger King marinara dipping sauce tub that came from one of  the older kids. It'll have to do, and will also get that random packet out of the fridge door. The usual veggies: potatoe, celery, carrot, onion, mushroom will make it's way into this stew. Not sure if I'll serve a bread/roll alongside. One kidlet is supposed to go to some appointments, but with the frigid cold, we may push that off.

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