Sunday, February 22, 2015

My recent kitchen issues

Lately, I seem to be ever increasingly plagued with kithen issues, which I am now focused on resolving:


1-got some awesome, heavy, lined, designer drapes in a neutral plaid (beige, cream, grey) great. Issue is figuring out how to hang them, and do so on a budget. Weird soffit configuration over the window in question. So, I've reached out to an Interior designer who's cutting me a deal, to come over and consult with me on how to do this right. This is a rental, I need to not damage anything, and anything I do buy will have to come with me, and be reusable, in the most ideal of situations. A quasi investment.

2-After making a pan of rice krispy bars, I slipped on the kitchen tile floor, and the pan when crashing onto the floor, shattering in the process. I've tried several second hand shops to replace it, have posted on freecycle sites as well as serveral local Facebook tag sale sites for a replacement 13 x 9 x 2. Since I tend to bulk bake, it's good to have 2 like sized pans available. A clear glass Pyrex dish goes for just under $11 at WM-a place I like to avoid. Looking to spend $3

One of my many Crock Pots died. This is a 7 quart one that I got a few years back on Freecycle. The liner has a crack and it leaks. I again have sought second hand stores (spotted one @ $25 but wasn't sure if that was a good deal on not), as well as again posting on Freecycle sites, local Facebook tagsale sites. Meanwhile, Kohl's has one for $29.


My Oster convection/toaster oven is starting to go, the toaster is acting wonky. I've had this for years, it doesn't owe me anything but it's something else that will soon be needing replacement. I won't consider buying second hand, this is an item that I'd get new.

This is why I set aside monies every month towards these type expenses.


Theresa F said...

How do you decide how much to set aside for these things?
I really enjoy reading your blog. I am always inspired.

CTMOM said...

I budget $50/month in my household budget for "household goods." Note that when I divorced over 2 years ago, I left with 1/2 of the material possessions. I saved, had my list of priorities, and slowly filled in any gaps. What I now own, I consider the basics, which I shouldn't have to replace for sometime, unless something breaks beyond repair. Life happens, my glass dish broke, it's be nice to have another, given the way I bake and because we currently have a family situation of 6. It won't always be this way (same philosophy on the huge crock pot), so keeping the expenditure minimal. I WILL, however, spend what I have to (cost me $59? $69? when I bought it)in order to replace the dying convection/toaster oven. That appliance saves me serious money on electricity. The drapes are a comfort, didn't HAVE to invest, I chose to. I have 2 sets (4 panels) of circa 1975 white curtains over the dinette windows now (bow window with 2 sides that open)and they help with the cold, not so much the sun. So, I now own ubber expensive when originally custom ordered, designer drapes (2 sets, 4 pannels) which I can easily use in a bedroom, office, Den, living room etc. I stick with neutrals, especially as I am in rentals temporarily at this stage in my life. HTH!

Georgene G. said...

I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell! :( The older I get the less fun it is to fall! Great idea about taking the free crock pot and looking for another inside pot. I saved a Pyrex dish when the lid broke. I keep an ongoing list in my purse for garage sales and thrift shops of what I'm looking for. I found the lid at a thrift shop. PTL!

Jenny A said...

My toaster oven recently died and I use the toaster oven a ton. It's so much easier to plug that in instead of using the regular oven. For a birthday present I got the Black & Decker 8 slice extra wide toaster oven and love it. The other day I baked chicken legs in it for dinner and a pan of brownies for dessert. It was worth the money, $69.99.

Anonymous said...

I want/need one of these little ovens too but can't even think when I'll buy it. I rent too and I agree that it is a problem as you can't do what you want and you have to deal with stuff you haven't chosen. So clever of you to save monthly for those expenses !x

Theresa F said...

Neutrals are a safe way to go rental or not.
I was born in 1975. Your curtain panels are getting old! :)

CTMOM said...

Georgene, my left ankle's a bit sore, but I am not thinking about it. I'll keep trying to hunt down a free or low cost, large Crock pot before I cave and get one by St Pats-when I will be wanting to do my corned beef briskets.

CTMOM said...

Jenny, yes, a toaster oven or even better a convection/toaster oven (better energy use, which I prioritize) is a real money saver. I've had mine for years, it's getting cranky. So, I'm watching out for a deal

CTMOM said...

Frugal, life has taught me to be prepared for plan B. I don't use those $50 every month, there are many months that those dollars go untouched. Nice to know that they are there when needed. For larger purchases such as a freeer, snow tires, I save out of every area I can.

CTMOM said...

Theresa, the fact that the 1975 curtains are still in decent shape attests to the quality that is often hard to find now. These are from JCPenney, made in USA-can't get any better than that, in my book.

DW said...

These things come in spurts, don't they?

Do you have any salvage-type stores in your area? I found a replacement for one of my Pyrex dishes at such a store for around $4. Replaced my square Pyrex with a silicone baking pan from Aldi. It doesn't work for everything, but does cakes and brownies very well.