Friday, February 20, 2015

Making quiche a la Froogs

 2 pie shells from Aldis' were called into service
 I fried up the open 1/2 onion, added another, whole onion to the party, 1/2 a container of mushrooms that I sliced (6 good sized ones), 2 strips of leftover bacon that I diced, some additional, reserved pork fat (a mixture of bacon/pork sausage/ham fat that I reserve for cooking to save my cooking oils, butter/margarine, shortening)
 Place cooked vegetables in pie shells
 Mix up custard batter of 9 eggs ($1.55/doz lately at Aldi's), 1/2 cup milk, salt, pepper and I added some mixed, Italian spices. Pour batter evenly over the cooked vegetables, splitting the batter between the 2 quiches. Note: no cream is being used.
 My inspiration: the leftover, open tomato
 and the bowl of tomaotes that turned awfully quickly. Gotta use them up!
 THe dregs of the Colby-Jack that was shredded for Tuesday's chilli, plus about 4 oz of sharp Cheddar that I shredded for tonight. Not a lot of cheese, considering that this is quiche. Sprinkle the cheese evenly between the 2 quiches, top with sliced tomatoe. Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes, until set.
 Fresh out of the oven.
 A truely green salad: baby salad greens, Romaine, cuke, green olives, purple onion. With the onion and yellow tongs, this is looking more like a Mardi Gras celebration!
 The dregs of coleslaw-just why are these bits being placed in the fridge? I suspect as someone* doesn't relish the idea of cleaning the dishes. (Used the D/W last night-seems that we are back in business!)
 Choice of 3 homemade dressings
 Additional accoutrements: baby dill gerkins, Summer squash pickles, pickled garlics scapes
DS # 2's supper plate!


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

I really do enjoy reading your postings! This looks delicious!

Belinda said...

Looks great! :)

Barbara Bomberger said...

just found your blog and the quiche looks yummy. I admit I'm a sucker for the spinach ones at Costco, it one of my regular things there but I may have to try this one.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Sandie and Belinda!

CTMOM said...

Barbara, a spinach version would be very easy to do. Either saute, fresh, chopped spinach or use some from blocks of fzn spinach (often on sale for $1/10 oz pkg). Add additional veg, cheese of choice-done. These freeze well.

May I ask, how much is Cosco charging and is it a full sized quiche, such as 9 inches across?