Friday, February 20, 2015

Lenten meal # 2: Beer battered fish

Being able to offer fish to the family can be a challenge. As time has passed, I quickly moved from "fresh" (*note it was often previously frozen then thawed by the grocer)fish offerings once they climbed over $6/lb at the local grocery store, to more canned and frozen varieties-usually well under $3 or $4/LB. As ususal, a great cost savings measure is to prepare it myself vs buying frozen, prepared fish options which can average $8-$12 if not more per LB. Now defrosting for tonight's Lenten meal: 3 wild caught, Pollock fillets and 3 wild caught, Cod fillets. Here's my recipe:

 Both types will be covered in a beer batter and fried, using one of my cast iron skillets. Sides will be: oven fries (home made),

fzn organic corn,

home made coleslaw (we're out of salad ingredients and this dinner screams "cole slaw " to me!), as well as home made tartar sauce.

My supper plate: it was delicious but now I remember why I don't do fish fries to often-the mess!


Anonymous said...

I know about the mess ! I often avoid fried food just for that reason. Your meal looks really wholesome though. I am not familiar with Lent, do you forsake meat ? xx

CTMOM said...

Frugal, yes, during the 40 days of Lent (starts on Ash Wed, ends at Easter), we give up meat on Ash Wed, Good Friday and all Fridays in between.

mikemax said...

Carol, would you like to share your recipe for the beer batter and tips and tricks for frying? I never deep-fry for reasons of health and cost, but every now and then a piece of crunchy fried fish is very tempting!

CTMOM said...

Max, I posted a link above: