Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lenten dinner # 1


While I consider myself a more spiritual than religious person, some traditions I still carry out, including the Lenten meals. Today being Ash Wednesday, we obstain from meat.

 Due to work and visitation schedules, it's just dinner for 2 tonight, so I am keeping it simple. I finally can say that the last of the old potatoes are GONE! Here they are, freshly peeled, drizzled with some Canola, and seasoned with salt, pepper, Paprika.
 2 wild caught, Northen Atlantic Cod fillets (bought frozen and defrosted) will be topped with a bit of lemon juice, and some French tarragon before baking off in the table top convection oven. Note that the potatoes and fish are both being prepared in square, metal pans that fit perfectly in my oven.

With 2 shelves, I can start the potatoes off first, then towards the end of their cooking time, sneak in the second tray of fish to bake off. Saving electricity this way-it's awesome.
I drained a can of green beans, which will be warmed up in the microwave, using one of my vintage, glass topped, Pyrex mini casseroles.

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