Saturday, February 14, 2015

Keeping a sharp eye on utility costs

Inside this bag, there are 5 identical, tall kitchen. Every 2 weeks, I return to the transfer station, toting our recycling and actual refuse. Today's haul: 3 bags of actual garbage, 6 of recycling. I keep the bags and reuse them until they are no longer servicable. I was charge $3.20 or 20 cents/lb for 16 lbs of trash. Previous 2 trips included 17 lbs of garbage, so this is an area that I feel we have on track.

Oil bills are fine.

I have no water bills, sewer bills

Cable/Internet went up-have to call and see what the deal is with that, and what I can do to bring it down. We were on a 1 year promotion when we moved in August.

Electric rates jumped 17% effective Jan 1, and I was not pleased with my Jan bill. I just got a bill for Feb, and while down, we still need to shave off another $20, bringing my bill down to $150 or lower a month. This is an ever constant battle, it seems. Lately, I've come across several lights left on, the tv on and no one is around, etc. I have threatened to charge 25 cents each time.


M Ripples said...

I'm always finding lights, tv's and fans left on. Our electric bill was $350 this month. No matter how many talks I have with the family it isn't helping. I need to come up with a new strategy to motivate them.

We added motion sensor lights to the basement a couple years ago. They weren't expensive and work out well. I'm tempted to add them to some other rooms in the house.

CTMOM said...

Ripples, I like the idea of motion sensors. I had solar, motion detector lights installed at my former rental for outside as there wasn't adequate lighting and the kids were leaving/returning to/from school in the dark. I did that for safety reasons. I know that the $20 we need to shave off of the current bill is due to the recent jump in electric rates, combined with freezing temps-naturally the furnace, although it burns oil, does use electric to run. The clothes dryer is a huge electricity suck-I've limited that to 2-3 loads of towels a week. Wish some* would use a bath towel more than once. @@ I use smaller appliances for cooking, batch bake when using the range oven, use CFL's in lights (hope to eventually switch over to LED's but they are pricey still and I am renting, still have a stash of CFL's to use up). We take advantage of the sun-it's sunny now, so no lights on. I've been harping about the lights and tv left on and people have left (the house, this isn't a matter of using the bathroom for a few moments, only to return)-that is simply careless and will not be tolerated.