Saturday, February 7, 2015

Keeping on top of paper work, and taxes!


One of my goals is to make a really concerted effort to keep on top of my paperwork. It's an on-going concern as I can quickly become overwhelmed with it. I was able to further address this today, as it was quiet, the kids were out, and I am pleased that I have things well organised, and have created several manila folders which are now tucked behind the Kitchen Aid mixer, standing up against the wall and the corner of the counter, clearly labeled for me to grab and go, for when I need to access them, and the documention held within.  I was also able to address my taxes, having just received my tax form paperwork from my accountant. I plan on dropping them off as soon as possible this upcoming work week, depending upon whether I am at work Mon or Tues. We again are bracing for a snow and ice storm, this time, to possibly last thru Tues morning. Probabaly the quickest I've ever gotten them done. A factor contributing to this is not really having any deductions. A fairly straightforward return, hopefully since I am getting it in early, they will get it done quickly. The past few years have been in flux, tax wise, so finally having my new norm is a good thing.


Gill - That British Woman said...

we can't file yet in Canada, as we don't have all the paperwork. Hope to do it by the beginning of March.

CTMOM said...

Gill, I had planned on doing my taxes next weekend, while off on school break. I had to dig thru my basket of tax papers to get some insurance documents, and while organizing, it quickly became apparent that I should use the opportunity to get my simple taxes in order! Nice to have that off of my to do list!