Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping on top of household cleaning

 Although I work full-time, and hire a monthly cleaning service, who are coming this afternoon, we still do some routine cleaning, as well as mini cleaning projects. Case in point: the range oven, which I recently noted had some greasy build up and some charred spots. Need to clean it before it gets worse. Although this is an electric self cleaning model, in order to save electricity as well as due to the fact that this really is spot cleaning, I couldn't see running the electric cleaning cycle today.
 I also stll own some Easy off, puchased as I was getting ready to vacate the former rental, so that I'd be leaving a clean oven, not getting charged for any cleaning fees. As you hopefully can see from the photo above, I once again have a clean oven. I spent just a few minutes spraying, waited 20 minutes, then wiped it off, scubbing some stubborn areas with a nylon scrubbie, which was ready for the trash anyway.
Following a suggestion from Belinda, a fellow blogger I follow, I have cut my next nylon scrubbie into 2 pieces. As a whole scrubbie, it's really too big, and I do have big hands! Hopefully this will work out better for me.

While the cleaning service was here, I discovered that one bathroom wastebasket and the large recycling bin in the kitchen both needed cleaning inside. I soaked the smaller, bathroom waste basket in some ammonia and hot water and let it sit. I then scrubbed it with a nylon brush. I emptied the cleaning water into the awating recycling bin, and proceeded to use a rag tied around a butter knife to get into all of the nooks and crannies at the bottom of the waste basket. I then dried it out. I followed the same procedures with the recycling bin. I used lemon ammonia as it was originally used for the former rental, to help strip dirty floor wax off of the kitchen floor tiles. Have to use what I have before I move to all homemade cleaners, if not natural based ones.


Belinda said...

Thanks for the mention. This is something i definitely need to do.

Anonymous said...

Both the ovens are filthy. This is definitely something I hate cleaning. What a result on yours though !

CTMOM said...

Frugal in France,
My oven wasn't all that bad. Noticed some grease marks on the window glass, some black charred areas on the bottom, and a few icky marks on the wire shelves. Best to clean it NOW vs waiting until it's a real mess. I like to keep on top of these things before they become a real chore/issue.