Monday, February 9, 2015

I do love a good, glass jar!

 More and more, my cupboards are looking like this cereal cupboard. I keep few dry goods in the actual kitchen, due to space constaints and because I have awesome, open shelving for a pantry right down cellar, at the foot of the stairs, near the garage entry to the cellar. Perfect! I am actively using things up. That is always intentional come January, but late reimbursements, overabundance have caused me to continue this effort. I have planned dinner menus through March now, and with the exception of a few required ingredients such as corned beef for St Pat's, I am limiting my purchases to must haves, except if I encounter a deal that is too awesome to ignore, financially speaking. We are far from starving, although a lot of room has opened up. This is forcing me, in a good way, to use things up, especially lurkers. Food waste is pretty much eliminated in my kitchen, which is a good thing. It's too costly in both time and funds, to waste.
As I go through the kitchen cabinets, I unearth a few treasures. I thought that I had used my last bag of chocolate chips (regular sized, I still have plenty of mini choc chips), but discovered 2 partially used bags. I didn't measure the contents, but it looks like I have a full bags worth. Regardless, should I decide to make a batch of choc chip cookies, there will be plenty.

I noted that I do love storing dry goods in repurposed, glass jars. Another trick I have is to use rubber bands and the back sides of scrap paper when making labels for my jars. I always have rubber bands on hand and this reduces my use of Scotch tape, which is a disposible, one use item.
Even the smallest bits of food are saved-here are some crumbs of buttery, "Ritz" type crackers that got crushed in their sleeve. They will be used as I would bread crumbs.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I so need to clean out my pantry to see what is lurking in the back!! Would like to install slinging shelves in it.

Sue from Ky. said...

I wonder at times if there are others who love glass jars as much as I do. I wonder what the attraction is, but when I am washing my jars, whether they be canning jars or condiment jars, I love them so. I use them in every way possible. It breaks my heart to have to recycle or discard a perfect jar. I make crocheted toppers for some and give them as gifts, filled with candies and such.Thanks for sharing your love for jars.