Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How I spend MY vacation!


While some colleagues are away on ski vacations or European sojurns, I remain at home, taking care of business, including multiple medical concerns. This morning will find me once again at the Dermatologist, this time for a medical procedure, not cosmetic. I am having what is called a "wen" (an old fashioned term) removed from my scalp. I've had them before, they are common in my family. I discovered this one, a year ago, and although I had planned on having it removed last February, shoulder surgery pushed that way down on the list of things to address. There was no urgent need or rush, and while it has enlarged over the year, it's not huge and disfiguring as some can become. I know as a precaution that this will be sent to pathology, but do not anticipate any concern. Since lidocaine is being used, I may not comfortable driving myself home, so I've asked DS #1 to accompany me there, stand at the ready to drive back, if I feel not up to it.

With our deductible being met, all charges will be covered in full by insurance.

 With only 2 for supper, I am defrosing 2 pieces of Cod, which I will bake in the toaster convection oven. Thinking home fried potatoes (still got some old spuds to use up), a tossed salad, perhaps a veg. Depends on how I feel.
Out of bread and all 24 of my corn meal muffins gone, I baked 2 loaves of sandwich white bread this morning, noting that I think the new to me machine, gifted to me from a friend, may be dying. THe smaller loaf to the left was made from the batch of dough made in that machine.

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