Sunday, February 8, 2015

Filling the voids in the snack cupboard

 The snack cupboard contents are dwindling, and I refuse to buy more until this is gone. Monies still owed me, we eat what is on hand. Still remaining: 2 unopened boxes of saltines, a box each of cinnamon grahams and honey grahams-both with most eaten, a jar of banana chips, a jar of sunflower seeds, a baggie with cheese crackers, a small unopened box of crackers, a full bag of pretzels, a baggie with assorted dregs of crackers: mostly wheat, a baggie with multiple opened sleeves of saltines. I see a lot of saltines as snacks in the near future. I also have a jar of popcorn kernals on the counter. I cooked the lurking, single microwave popcorn pouch that DS and GF brought with them. It had been lurking. Good to use it up.
 Today's baking to supply breakfast items as well as snacks: pumpkin-spice-chocolate chip muffins (made 24 regular sized)
 and 2 jumbo ones.
 2 loaves of pupkin bread

4 loaves of chocolate zucchini bread. Today's baking emptied the "crisco" shortening tub, used up the chocolate chips, used 2 baggies each of fzn pumpkin puree and shredded zucchini.  I chose not to add nuts to the breads, reserving them for other baking items down the road.

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