Saturday, February 14, 2015

Eating down the pantry and looking for some inspiration

 This is my cellar pantry, the main area where food is stored (dry goods). Previously, it looked like this:

I am definately seeing space open up, items are missing/used up. I have menus planned for February, as well as March. Unless I start stocking up, April will get interesting.

Meanwhile, I have identified some items that need to be used up:
-arburrio rice
-bulgar wheat
-sun dried tomatoes in oil
-cream of chicken soup
-canned pumpkin, canned squash (I use them interchangeably)
-dried, large lima beans (white)
-dried, black eyed peas
-brown teff
-assorted, homemade jams

Any suggestions or direction for any of the aforementioned?


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I used to make a bread with, if I remember right, about 3/4 cup bulgar wheat substituted for flour and it came out like a cracked wheat bread. It's also good in the salad (whose name refuses to come to mind right now) that is middle eastern and make with lots of fresh parsley. But then you'd have to spend for the parsley. Have you tried white bean chili made with chicken or turkey with the white beans? My family will eat that, and we're not even big on beans.

CTMOM said...

Marcia-I'll try the bread idea, thanks. We DO love beans, and have been eating them more and more often with rising food costs and reimbursements not coming in on time. Good to use older items up, this saves me time at the store and in the big picture, money. I use those large white limas in a Calico baked bean dish, (some call them butter beans) but I have a lot on hand (got some on marked down)that need to be used, so I need ideas. I like the idea of chilli, which I serve at least 1-2 times/month.

Kat said...

I made this cake and it's really good, without the nuts.

I enjoy your blog even if I don't comment much. I'm trying to do the 30 day menu plan, without much success yet, but I keep trying. You make it seem so easy.

HappyGrama said...

I use large white lima beans in a ham and bean casserole. It took years to come up with a recipe that was similar to DH's grandma's beans, which were very yummy. First,I cook the beans about halfway. At the same time, I boil a smoked turkey leg or smoked turkey wing, take the meat off the bones, and save the broth. Put the beans and turkey meat (just like ham) in a 9 x 13 dish, add some of the broth, diced onion, brown sugar, dried yellow mustard, salt, and pepper. Stir to combine and bake @ 350,checking often to see if you need to add more of the meat flavored broth, and bake till beans are tender. Sorry I don't have amounts--but you are experienced enough to know how much your family would like. This is absolutely fabulous and my whole family loves it!

CTMOM said...

Happy Gramma-can I substitute cooked ham for the smoked turkey? I am limited to using what is on hand, and think* I still have some chopped ham in the freezer. If not, I can make this dish after I cook one of the 2 hams I know are in the freezer.

HappyGrama said...

Oh, yes, absolutely. I had a hambone in the freezer with literally no meat on it, and I boiled it for the broth, and then added some chopped ham to the beans in the casserole. Just as good!