Saturday, February 14, 2015

Eat well for less


Here are 2 links to a new TV show from England, that has some great tips:


Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for posting these, as I was wanting to see this.

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing! Have you ever seen the documentary Food Stamped?

CTMOM said...

Catherine, I have. Thanks for mentioning it, others may appreciate it as well.

saraband said...

The problem with Eat Well for Less is that they didn't use ordinary families looking to eat a bit more frugally, but people whose shopping habits were outrageously out of control. Perhaps it was just all hyped up for the benefit of TV. You could teach them a great deal!

CTMOM said...

Sara, there is a third episode that I am yet able to access. I'll post it, once I can. I found this program interesting, and agree that there was hype for TV. That said, it is "food for thought"-especially if one is like the family in episode 2, who had absolutely no clue on how much they were spending. A lack of culinary skills found them turning to convenience and ready prepared meals. Their insistance on branded products was also thought provoking. A few years ago, I was in a city, staying with extended family on DX's side while attending to some business and noted that this was a brand only family. A middle class family with only one working parent, who was in clergy (I am not privy as to how they are paid/compensated financially) but oen would assume that they'd have to live carefully, financially speaking. A few points were made, which have merit:
-avoid prepackaged, fresh produce
-do the prep work yourself to save
-try alternative cuts of meat (chicken thighs for BSCB)
-use alternative brands if not value brand aka private label products
-cooking skills are essential
If I recall the figures correctly, this family was spending 3 x's the average of a comparable family. After doing some switching out in shopping choices, they brought it down to twice as much. Still plenty of room for improvement. Why not share just what the other, more frugal families are doing?

PJ said...

Thanks for posting the links - am off to watch them soon. I've always heard of those shows among frugal bloggers but never know the sources. Thanks again!