Sunday, February 15, 2015

Digging through the cupboards

 Unearthed some organic, salad dressing/dip mixes that I had forgotten about. I intentionally bought a quart of plain yogurt the other day, so as to mix up a batch of what I am calling "Creamy Dill salad dressing." It smells wonderful, hope we like it as I have another 6 or so envelopes of it!
 I also uncovered about the same amount of Ranch envelopes that I hadn't realized I had. I mixed one batch up, initial comments are that it's "spicey." Hmmm-how to use this up, perhaps tempering it?
Had some older apples and the dregs of some Raisin bran cereal that I transformed into an apple crisp this afternoon. With the oven baking this off, I also cooked tonight's acorn squash, a pan of brownies (mix), and a pan of magic cookie bars, using 1/2 white chocolate chips and 1/2 chocolate chips as I am almost out of regular chocolate chips and I don't know/remember how the white ones entered the home-perhaps gifted to us.

 Needing dessert, I am turning to what is on hand. 4 pans in the oven together is economical use of the expensive, electric run oven.


DW said...

Maybe the spicy ranch dressing could be used as a sandwich spread?

Lona Pritchett said...

I would add a bit of milk to thin out and "de -spice" the ranch.

Lee Ann said...

where did you get these salad dressing packets?

CTMOM said...

Lee Ann-At Stop and SHop. Giant Eagle is a cousin store, which may* be in your area.