Monday, February 16, 2015

Crock Pot Monday: New England style baked beans

A frequent sight in my frugal kitchen as I attempt to save money both on electricity as well as food, by turning to cheaper alternatives, this time dried beans over ready prepared, canned ones.

 Using literally the last of my dried Navy pea beans this morning, to make a batch of these: , with the intention of freezeing extras. Adding "dried navy pea peas" to the ever expanding grocery list. Meanwhile, substitutions are being found.
 Beef-pork hotdogs, acquired through our organic CSA, a package of Knackwurst from Aldi's-to be pan fried in reserved bacon fat, served with choice of assorted condiments
I unearthed one, lone hot dog roll, in the upstairs fridge

then dig deep into the garage freezer, finding this last package, otherwise, the sausages will be served on plates, alongside the beans.

 A homemade coleslaw completes the meal.

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