Monday, February 2, 2015

Beans to the rescue!

 All 6 of us were home for lunch today, and with this snow storm and dropping temperatures, I knew that a hot lunch would be welcomed. I decided to continue my efforts to eat down what is on hand (not that I wanted to venture out, not can I as I still await my plow service and it's after 5 p.m.). I made an dried, organic black bean (CSA share) and chopped turkey chilli using more of my home canned, organic CSA tomatoes. So good! We're out of cheese that would/could have topped this (Havarti with dill are the only blocks I have besides Mozzarella, and my shredded cheese is pizza cheese, Swiss and a bit of Munster) so this was served as is. No leftovers, so I guess it was OK!
 Tonight's, as planned, fish on Monday supper is again keeping with a pantry clean out. I just did the recycling/trash run on Sat, and already I've placed a tall kitchen garbage bag full of recycling down into the garage for storage until I return in 2 weeks. Trash fee was the same as it was 2 weeks prior: $3.40 for 17 lbs of garbage for 6 people. It's apparent that we are eating down dry goods. The number of glass canning jars being emptied, and stored back in their case boxes is another tell tale sigh. It's all good. With the one can of canned salmon, some cracker crumbs, some homemade bread crumbs from the heels that we wouldn't eat otherwise, some spices and an egg, along with 1 grated carrot, I will fashion 5-6 salmon cakes to be served with home made tartar sauce that I keep in a repurposed jar in the fridge.
 One of tonight's sides: a 3 bean salad in homemade vinaigrette. I used up the rest that I had, so it was time to make more. Other side: the last 2 bags of fzn onion rings.

I even managed to wrestle up some lurking hamburger buns out of the freezer. Perfect.

I am currently using a vinaigrette mix from Penzeys, some canola oil, and some gifted to me champagne balsamic vinegar. A nice luxury!

Since I know that at least 2 of us will be looking for lunch at home tomorrow, and GF doesn't care for salmon cakes, I am also making a ham and bean soup,

 taking advantage of a meaty ham bone that I froze at Christmas,

some dried navy beans, carrot, celery, onion, spices, some ditallini pasta cuts.


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

I keep meaning to ask you what your 'go to' price for canned salmon is. Thanks!

CTMOM said...

Sandie, long gone are the days of $1/16 oz can of pink salmon. I use Aldi's as a guide. They sell their wild caught, Alaskan pink salmon for $2.69. I believe they recently dropped it down to $2.29. Sometimes, Walgreens will have Bumble Bee pink on sale for $1.99-another great source. HTH

young77 said...

Carol, I have had a can of pink salmon in my cupboard that I need to deal with. I know you feed several and I cook just for myself - do you know if a salmon loaf or patties would freeze ok either cooked or not? Thanks, Shirley

CTMOM said...

Shirley, I don't see why not-there are several brands of fzn salmon patties sold around here. Here's a good link that suggests making them and then freezing UNcooked, I'd just put waxed paper in between:


young77 said...

Thanks so much, Carol! I just read that link info and I'll be fixing the salmon cakes this week knowing I can freeze most for later. Shirley

Nancy Beckwith said...

I froze some crab cakes and they were delicious. I still have 1 more can in the fridge-overbuys at Christmas. Carol, I was wondering if no one else in your household cooks or maybe you prefer it that way? I was thinking when you had to buy that take and bake pizza the other day didn't you have a pan of frozen something in the freezer? I guess I always do! My grown kids say you'd think I lived in Siberia with the amount of food I always have on hand- like I'm not 5 minutes from a grocery store LOL.

CTMOM said...

Yes, I normally have something in the freezer, and in the case of this past Fri when an unexpected accident took place, throwing all schedules out the window, I did have one small lasagna in the freezer. I'd need 2 for this gang. I knew that we needed milk and we were right by an ALdi's. Grabbing some take n bakes was a concession to needing something hot on the table, at minimal expenditure. (The Greek pizzeria would have cost me A LOT more). I spent roughly $15 on 3 pizzas. Well worth it, all things considered. I do keep quite a bit of food on hand, mostly single ingredients. We are not an easy mac, microwave meals type of family. Not making judgement calls, it's just that we eat, cook differently than some. : )
As far as someone else cooking: the 3 older kids could probably make dinner, something simple but were at work-all 3 work weird hours in retail.