Thursday, February 19, 2015

*(Almost) vegetarian Thursday: talking quiche


Today is vegetarian inspired day, but I am bending the rules a bit as I have 2 strips of cooked bacon lurking in the fridge. DS#1's GF opted out of Sunday breakfast, so I now have the bacon as an ingredient. I will bake 2 vegetable quiches of some sort, turning to premade crusts from Aldi's, fzn home shredded cheese and the remaining bits of shredded Colby-Jack from Tuesday's chilli. There is an open, sliced tomato and some others getting old in a bowl on the counter that also need to go. I have 1/2 of an onion left from this morning, fresh mushrooms. So that's today's "vegetarian" inspiration. A large tossed salad will accompany with choice of assorted home made dressings.

Sticking close to home today, the D/W is supposed to get a replacement part today (they are to call at 8 a.m. to confirm time) and the monthly cleaning takes place this afternoon. Perhaps I'll get some mending in.


Belinda said...

Sounds really good and inspiring. I have several of these ingredients on hand and pie crust too. I may have to make one of these in the next few days.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I often make 2 as I can serve leftovers for bfst-especially important for special needs son to get some extra protein and calories in. Good for DD to tote to work (if not myself, but I am off this week) for lunch.

Dawn said...

This looks delicious! I really enjoy your blog and reading about the meals you make for your family. I often admire how you can get so much done and stay within a budget. :)