Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A quick to assemble, Crock Pot dinner

 Although I am off work this week, life still finds me busy. 4 appointments today alone, the first 2 are this morning, where once again, there is light snow falling. Luckily, it's supposed to stop soon. I am praying that the roads are OK.  Once up this morning, I started on tonight's dinner of turkey-pinto bean chilli. Since I had already completed the most time consuming part (preparing the dried beans), I was able to quickly assemble the remaining ingredients and get this started. Pictured above are the 2 cups of prepared, dried beans; 2 pints of organic home canned tomatoes, chilli powder.
 The remaining 1/2 of a large onion was chopped, resulting in a bit less than I normally use, but this will be fine.
 Here's the scraps that I pulled off of the carcass after making bone broth. I estimate that I have 2 cups worth. I diced this up before adding it to the CP.
I also added more turkey to bulk this out. It is now all mixed together, cooking. Sometime this afternoon/evening before dinner, I plan on mixing up a batch of corn muffins to accompany the chilli. I also will grated some Colby Jack cheese to offer as a topping to the chilli, to those interested.

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