Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter changes

Image: It's only been a few weeks since the shortest day of the year, sunlight wise, yet I am already noticing that the daylight is lasting longer. I moved the timer switches to reflect this. This saves me electricity, granted pennies, but I will take them, thank you very much.

 This morning found me up early, getting the wood stove going, opening drapes to let the abundant sunshine in.  Beds were stripped as well, adding to the laundry pile.
 I also did the usual load of whites on Sunday
 By late afternoon, the clothes were starting to become completely dry, adding moisture to the home in the process.
 The is the front entryway. Up above, you can see the fan that pulls the heated air from the Den where the wood stove is located, into this part of the house. There is also a ceiling fan in the Den which moves the warm air around, and also helps with drying laundry.

Breakfast this morning was a triple batch of homemade, buttermilk pancakes. I was just a bit shy of the amount I needed, but the bit of water added to the now empty carton, and shook around, was enough to make up the difference. I served these with gifted to me, real maple syrup, pineapple-orange juice (the lurking glass of pineapple juice was added to the OJ container, mixing this new flavor together and hopefully, soon getting this juice used up!). Planned overs for later this week. While I used 3 eggs in the process (eggs are more expensive now, and there is a shortage), it's far fewer than I would have if I served eggs (normally 1 dozen per bfst for the 6 of us). This was a way of saving the eggs. 

 Choice of leftovers for lunch, with tonight's supper being roast chicken legs. I am out of whole roasters, so I grabbed this pkg of leg quarters I bought back in September.
 Sides will be roasted Butternut squash, canned green beans, boxed stuffing.
 Planning ahead, as I do al the time, I grabbed the newspaper out of the driveway this afternoon, but also grabbed some deadfall kiddling for what looks like tomorrow morning's fire. A snow/sleet/ICE storm is in the forecast for overnight and all day tomorrow, I would be surprised and quite concerned about driving, if school/work isn't called off tomorrow. Some snow on these branches, but that will melt off tonight, leaving the branches for the next fire.
 Noted some rolls starting to turn and I had already grabbed a garlic knot roll that DS and GF were going to toss from the other night's take out supper, and these are drying out, to soon be turned into seasoned bread crumbs, and stored in a jar on the counter.

Again planning ahead: Monday's fish dinner will be a tuna casserole, using mostly Aldi's ingredients with the exception of the regular grocery store egg noodles that I bought on sale with a coupon. A side salad will also be served.


Anonymous said...

We did laundry today, too and a quick grocery store run. I picked up a few odd things not on my list but at a great price. In addition to my milk and cat food, I realized we needed cheese. I also picked up blackeyed peas since we used the last I had and two containers of specialty mustard marked down since I know they won't spoil

Theresa F said...

I love reading how you use up everything. I need to get better at this. Food is far too expensive to waste.