Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's been cooking . .

 Sunday supper: marinated London broil, scalloped pototaes, fzn peas mixed with fzn pearl onions in cream sauce. Side salad (not pictured).

MLK day lunch: hotdogs pan fried in reserved bacon fat, canned baked beans

 Fish on Monday: homemade, albacore in oil tuna cakes (reserved these cans of tuna from SR @ $1/can, limit 4 just for this recipe), served with homemade tartar sauce
 Brown rice
 Steamed carrrots
 Green salad with choice of dressing
 My supper plate.
 Fast and easy Tuesday: Taking a page out of Frugal Queen's recipe box:  http://www.frugalqueen.co.uk/2014/02/sausage-hotpot-for-67p-portion.html   but with some twists: I used Chicken and sundried tomato sausages from Aldis and 2 leftover, beef hotdogs for the sausage; homecanned tomatoes in juice, canned green beans, 1/2 a bag of fzn mixed veggies, 6 potatoes, 4 carrots, reserved bacon fat in lieu of oil for the frying pan, some ketchup and some Worcestershire sauce in lieu of "brown sauce"
 Here's the assembled casserole, ready to bake off

Doesn't look much different, but here's the cooked dish!

Tonight's salad, to be served with choice of homemade dressing

My supper plate:


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

Hello there! I know you have mentioned crabcakes in the past, do you perhaps have a recipe you might share? Thank you!

Courtney said...

Can you share your recipe for tuna patties and your home made tarter sauce :)

I love reading your blog! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

Theresa F said...

Everything looks so good. Your kids are going to miss you one day when they move out :).

CTMOM said...

My homemade tartar sauce is simply mayo mixed into some green relish. Add relish to mayo until you get the desired ratio. Done. : )

Tuna cakes: I break an egg into a bowl, grate one carrrot into the bowl, add some minced onion, 1 tsp or so of dill weed, some black pepper, 3-4 cans of drained tuna, about 3/4-1 cup of bread crumbs and mix until blended. Let sit a bit to absorb (can add water if seems dry). I Pam spray a skillet and fry on one side, flip once golden brown. Quick and easy.

CTMOM said...

Ha! Why do you think the older kids flew back to the nest? ; )

CTMOM said...

Sandie, no, I don't have a crabcake recipe. I'd just google it. Good with chopped red pepper in them, lemon peel. HTH!

Catherine said...

Your salads always looks so good!