Saturday, January 17, 2015

What's been cooking?

Wednesday night became a quick change in plan: DS #1 invited a friend over, so I made a quick bolognese sauce with beef and some of the hot Italian sausage I recently got and froze, served that over elbow macaroni. GF had some for her dinner later, 2 youngest had some the next day for lunch(1/2 day schedule due to exams this week) and one kidlet finally finished the rest today.
 Thursday was quiche night: version one: a bacon and Pancetta, onion, mushroom, Swiss cheese.
 Version 2: bacon and Panchetta, onion, spinach with Cheddar
 Here's my plate, where I sampled a bit of each quiche-both equally delicious! I served a simple green salad on the side with choice of dressing.
 Youngest are with me this weekend, so I made a family favorite: pate chinois, a French Canadian version of Sheppard's pie, again turning to the organic, pasture raised beef that I bought on marked down and froze. I also defrosted some extra mashed potatoes (getting those leftovers out of the freezer) and added the leftover butter-sugar corn from earlier in the week (clearing that out of the refrigerator side)
 My supper plate. I made enough to be able to serve the rest for lunch today, and there is still one smaller serving leftover for a grab and go lunch.
This morning's breakfast had me getting a little creative. The cocoa mix we have been using (gifted to us), requires milk, which we were out of (planned to get to th city later and buy more), BUT I unearthed some unopened boxes of instant cocoa that I didn't realize I had, so hot water was all that was needed. Perfect. With lots of cheap eggs on hand this week, scrambled eggs were served, and since we were out of sandwich bread, I grabbed 2 lurking tubes of Grands biscuits (sale plus doubled cpns deal) and baked those off, serving them with choices of homemade jam: plum; gingered mango, mixed berry. I also made coffee.

Lunch was the aforementioned leftovers, supper was sandwiches. This worked.


Theresa F said...

I have to tell you, you are one impressive woman. It amazes me the meals you cook on top of working full-time. I work less than part time, only have 2 children and have never cooked up meals like you do. I am inspired and ashamed every time I read your blog. :)

Oh and even though I am a Canadian and should know this, is Pate Chinois and Tourtiere the same thing?

CTMOM said...

Theresa, thanks for your kind words. Here's a post to tourtiere:

It is only made for Christmas and New Years eve. Pate chinois is the sheppard's pie dish that is popular in Quebec and Northern New England, originally made with very cheap ingredients (beef used to be cheap!)