Saturday, January 3, 2015

What's been cooking?

 As is tradition for me (Mom did the same), I roast a whole turkey on New Year's Day. I consider it just a big chicken. It's not that complicated. I seasoned this one with some homemade, salt free seasoning and stuck it in the oven.
 Naturally, I used some of the pan drippings to make my own gravy, substituting some of the liquified turkey fat in place of butter for the roux. I seasoned this with Bell's seasoning, salt, pepper.
 Sides included my last organic, red Kuri squash. I had DS # 1 split it for me, using my chef's knife, then I de-seeded it, added some butter, cinnamon, nutmeg. It cooked alongside the turkey. Boxed stuffing mix from Aldi's completed this dinner.
 Delicious and having the oven on was nice. Once supper was over, I stipped the carcass and placed all of the remainders into an awaiting Crock Pot, adding some additional water before letting it simmer overnight. The next day, I strained it, refrigerated it.
 Friday night came with a last minute change in plans, one of the youngest was out until mid evening, missing supper and his twin was staying here for supper, instead of going to Dad's. So 6 for dinner. I turned to a family favorite: turkey tettrazini, choosing to make a large batch this time. Again, I used the now hardened turkey fat for my sauce. I substituted drained, canned, Aldi's mushrooms for the lack of fresh. I also used a canister of grated Parmesan vs hand grating from a wedge. It is unusual for us to have the canister type on hand. My original recipe was lost, but an Internet search provided something very close, if not identical, so that is what I used. This was very good.
 We ate the rest of the baby salad greens, the rest of the opened black olives, and I added some tomatoes to make a simple salad. The day before, I noted that we were almost out of dressing choices, except for the homemade, herbal vinaigrette that I always have on hand.
 I had unearthed a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix, and decided to mix up a batch of Dorothy Lynch as well, repurposing some screw top jars that I have set aside just for dressings. Perfect.
Since the tettrazini would be baked off in the oven, I made sure to take advantage of the oven's being on, and baked off a box mix (Pricerite-excellent BTW!) brownies. No nuts added. I am down to what I suspect is my last bag of gifted SC pecans, and I do have a bag of walnuts that I bought at Aldi's but nuts are very expensive. The brownies are intended to comfort with a chocolate fix, the nuts aren't necessary.

Tonight, Saturday, we have hunkered down, due to a snow storm that is now changing over to rain. Roads were treacherous this afternoon, so again, the twins are home. DD made it home from work safely, getting stuck on a more gentle hill around here (this is a very hilly town) but a good semaratin pushed her car to help her move up and on her way home. She normally only needs 5 minutes to commute home. This afternoon took here 20.DS is at work, but he left before the snow, and will come home in the rain. Hope that the slushy roads either get plowed/treated or that the rain simply washes the snow away. Dinner on Saturday is normally soup night, but I deemed it leftover night instead. Too much needed to be eaten down. I did a fridge clean out, tossed a few questionable things, luckily not much, and reworked several into meals for one-two, depending upon the food items leftover. Lunch was similar: a bit of marinara with Italian sausage crumbles, the dregs of some beef sloppy joes sauce,  a slice of meatloaf that I crumbled, a pint of homemade and canned tomato sauce became "spaghetti sauce" which I served over the contents of a jar of pasta shells lingering in the kitchen cabinet. Topped with Parmesan, this served 3.

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