Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vegetarian (for the most part) Thursday: Sheppardess Pie

Wednesday was leftover day, so I had leftover, sausage Hot pot. Like most stews, it's even better the next day! This also provided me with several work lunches this week-perfect!

Thursday is a day when I aim to go vegetarian. Tonight's inspiration is a recipe (again from Frugal Queen) that we tried and enjoyed before. Tonight's version was tweaked a bit, and got several things out of the fridge and freezer, as a result-an ongoing goal, come Winter.

 Here is my lentil filling: I doubled the recipe, also added some grated, organic CSA Kohlrabi to the veggie mix. I used green/brown lentils instead of red, I used some homemade chicken stock, added a packet of Goya chicken bouillon, some dried Parsley, some dried garlic granules. In lieu of cooking oil, I used reserved chicken fat as my oil to fry off the mire poix.
 We are actively eating down/using up the mountain of instant potatoes that were gifted to us-a good thing. My tall canister (think Pretzel rod container from Cosco) is almost empty, leaving me the full, large coffee can sized tin of potatoe flakes as my main storage container of instant potatoes.
 1/2 of a block of Cheddar was hand grated, finishing what was left of the open package.
 Here's the assembled casserole
In lieu of making some fresh gravy, I got creative and blended some bits of this n that gravies (all homemade)that I had frozen as leftovers. We have a blend of pork, chicken and turkey gravies. It tastes quite good, with the undertones of the Bells seasoning coming thru from the poultry gravies.

Leftover green salad with choice of homemade dressings on the side.

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Looks good, Carol. :)