Sunday, January 4, 2015

Using what is on hand: treats for this week

 I wanted to make some cookies for this upcoming week, so naturally, in keeping with my current mantra of "use what is on hand," I dug out 2 bags of these candy cane Hershey kisses that I bought for Christmas, but we never used. I know that I got these on sale, and applied a coupon towards the purchase.
 On the back of the package is a reipe for cookies covered in either red or green sugar to make them Christmassy. That holiday is long gone, so I wanted to neuralize the recipe, tweaking it in the process.
 DD unwrapped the candies while I mixed a double batch of dough, adding some cocoa powder in the process
 Here are the cookies cooling off.
We now have 2 tins of these on the sideboard in the dining room. I have more unwrapped candies left, now stored, thinking that I can also use them to make some Valentine's Day inspired cookies once exams are done in a few weeks. We discovered, however, that even hours after cooling off, the kisses stayed soft (were added to the baked cookies after they cooled 2 minutes out of the oven)and mushed down a bit Sigh. I tried. They taste really good, according to DD who sampled them.


young77 said...

Carol, what a great idea! I made a note in my calendar to try these at Valentine's Day and Christmas 2015. I usually bake from-scratch cinnamon rolls and brownies as Christmas gifts, it would be fun to add this cookie, too! Thanks for the idea. Shirley

Linda said...

I think the soft kisses would be better than hard ones while eating the cookies. Dice the rest up and put in brownie mix for Valentines.