Friday, January 9, 2015

Tweaking the menus a bit

A vegetarian, Chinese stirfry over rice was planned last month for this week's vegetarian inspired, Thursday supper. A blend of sesame oil and canola was used to stretch the costlier, sesame oil. I grabbed the accumulating packets from the older kids' Chinese take out (soy sauce, duck sauce)to use as well
 2, $1 bags of frozen stir fry vegetables from the Dollar Tree
 Part of a gigantic cabbage that I sliced some cabbage off of, a medium onion that I peeled and sliced
My cooked, Aldi's Basmati rice

 Tweaking this, so as to use up this past Sunday's leftover, roast pork
 I also grabbed a container with pineapple chunks in juice, separating the juice out into a glass and refrigerating it but then chopping up the pineapple into bits Below is the completed stir fry
 I also have 2, $1 bags of frozen pot stickers, also from Dollar Tree
 Made in USA-awesome

I simply steamed them

My supper plate. Delicious, and helped to use things up before they went bad.

After dinner, I put the just washed laundry on clothes horses, by the wood stove. This saves me a ton of electricity, and adds needed moisture to the home.


DW said...

I've had those potstickers; they're pretty good! I haven't seen the stir fry veggies at my Dollar Tree lately, but at my house, stir fry equals whatever needs to be used in the vegetable bin and freezer, LOL!

Belinda said...

Love it! I have this on my menu for this week too, a great way to use things up. :)

Rachel said...

Looks so yummy!!

CTMOM said...

DW, stir fry usually means veggie drawer clean out here, too, with any possible leftover cooked veg tossed in for good measure. We are actively eating down our pantry/freezer-so those 2 stir fry bags were on the menus to go!

Anonymous said...

Yum, I haven't seen the pot stickers. I'll look for them.

PJ said...

This menu is so familiar :-) as a new reader from Asia. I love lightly-fried pot stickers (we call them dumplings as well, although there are a few kinds...) with noodles or on its own - YUM!!!